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Not having lost an ounce in a few months even with extra exercise last week i decided to eat more as i keep getting told i am not consuming enough calories & my body has adjusted to that, well i've eaten more calories still not an ounce different either up or down. This week on top of my daily gym workout I am walking 40 mins early morning let's see if this makes a difference, my practice nurse says i am fit & healthy stop worrying about weight, i would just love to get in to a size 12!! Ha ha i know my problem at 5ft2 i need to grow !


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  • oooo I know that feeling - not sure if I'm 5ft 2in or 3in! It is hard isn't it, I "plateau'd" over the last few weeks, but not sure what I'm doing differently (gone off wine, that's probably it), but today I saw the mythical 9st 7 and a three quarters on the scales. If I can just stay at that I'd be ecstatic! You just have to keep on keeping on. When I had a weigh in last year, the overweight nurse told me that although I was over weight, not to worry because so was everyone else!!!!!! Don't be part of that group.... aim for the short but fit gang!

  • I am aiming for that gang too. A long way to go and I don't think they will put me on the rack to stretch me so it will have to be the conventional healthy eating/exercise routine - how wonderful is that!

  • thanks ottomummy you have cheered me up I will keep on batting on not ready to give in yet & oh I put the wrong height down I'm 5ft 1 arrgh

  • Oh dear...... that short :)

  • Thanks ottomummy i've been out of it for a few weeks broken toe so no exercise also a bit down as to no weight loss, any decided instead of cutting down on calories i am going to try to stick to 1200 daily i was getting too obsessed thinking the least calories i ate i would lose weight i now know thats wrong so new week lets see what happens i'm not going to weigh my self for a month

  • It's a struggle as you get nearer kbed 😕 it's due to metabolic adaptation. I shared a link in the Respurces section to an interview which you may find helpful ☺ Basically keep going . . . Weight loss will slow right down but stick with it ☺☺☺

  • Yes that's very true Anna61, so don't give up kbed . I lost most of my excess with a bit of determination but then the last half stone or so was very gradual, I just kept eating in the same more healthy way and weight slowly came off over many months to what is perfect for me, I'm only 5ft 2, so in the same gang :) Think of it as more a lifestyle change, not a diet and you will succeed, good luck, it's worth it.

  • Do stick with it, I am only 5ft so I fully understand what u mean with height, it is easy for these nurses etc to say don't worry you are fit and healthy, but this don't help us if we need any operations etc. They still tell us that at times that we are too heavy for them. I want ivf and I am too heavy to be allowed it at the moment.

  • I know this feeling well! I've not lost anything for 3 weeks and my weight keeps mysteriously going up a lb or two and then dropping back down again. It's so hard to keep going with less calories when you don't see any tangible benefits! However I am just trucking away, as I certainly don't want to gain any weight back!

  • Thanks lismcl I will keep on going but it is disheartening I did an aerobic class yesterday & tried to do another today what a mistake lasted half an hour muscles aching I've been looking into eating more meat lets see how I go!

  • Hi I'm in the same boat as you I can't lose any more weight either I've tried everything too so I'm just going to focus on toning up and getting fit good luck x

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