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Newbie - why I am starting this journey

Good Morning everyone, I joined this site on Friday and have spent a few days just looking around. I am now ready to start my journey. I am in my late 50's and overweight. I have a BMI of 29.7. In the past I have tried lots of diets, some work some don't so I have acknowledged that it is not a diet I need but a life style change. I had my BP taken a couple of months ago as part of a survey I took part in, then out of the blue I received a letter from my GP asking me to go and be fitted with a 24 hour monitor. This really opened my eyes. My appointment is for 24th March so I am determined to shed a little weight and get a little bit exercise in before I attend. I do not sleep well, this is not a new condition but it has definitely become worse over the past year to the point where I am lucky if I get 2 hours sleep a night. I feel poorly all of the time. nothing specific, sore throats, headaches. general aches and pains all over, extremely tired and uninterested in every thing. I just struggle through each and every day. so that is why I am starting my journey. Also wanting to look and feel good. I want to enjoy wearing nice clothes again, so as a reward I have promised myself a new wardrobe including some nice designers pieces...... watch this space :-)

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Hello again Cuckoogoose

Healthy diet and regular exercise will go a long way towards helping you feel better inside and out ☺

Sleep has only become an issue for me as I have got older, I am slowly reducing caffeine and sugar which is helping, but the main thing is I try not to worry about it 😕 difficult I know if you have commitments to meet the following day.

Enjoy the forum, best wishes



Hiya . Excellent on ditching the diet approach and adopting the life style change. I realized last year that once we have a weight issue.....we will always have a weight issue, just need to manage it and as you say change life style, that way its just life and don't think we on a diet. Even when we have lost weight, still an issue as have to maintain it there. I am sure if your determined you will succeed, this is an awesome site. Heading for 60 really made me think......just get this done girl x


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