Newbie - Day 1 - wine fail!

Well it's the end of day 1 - probably too soon to be beat myself up but my main aim was to not have my regular evening glass of red wine (or 2, or even 3, I might as well be honest). I have failed because I've just had a glass. My excuse is that I have recorded my calorie intake faithfully today using the "My Fitness pal" App. I had mushrooms for breakfast, homemade minestrone soup for lunch with a slice of bread (no butter) and a salmon fillet and salad for dinner. I have included any cooking fat and my teas and coffees but was still under the calorie goal. So 1 glass of red wine has put me spot on 1350 calories. Is this a good approach, worried that I am making excuses or even that I will end up cutting out food calories just so I can have a glass of wine! Is it ok to accept one thing a day that makes us go "aaaah"? Thoughts anyone? PS I also sneaked one spoon of leftover tiramisu from my Dad's birthday lunch


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6 Replies

  • for me its ok to have extras,as long as its not 7 days a week, which has happened to me,I'm on week 6 of12 week plan,have lost weight or been lucky and stayed the same,my weeks have varied from 2 good days to either 5 it 6 good days,my aim is to complete 7 good days 😊 Good zLuck

  • Thank you :)

  • I don't see it as a problem. I believe the calories are deemed as 'empty' calories but you're keeping under your calorie limit and if it helps you from going off the rails then why not.

    In my first weeks I lost about 6kg whilst still drinking but the downside for me was 1 can lead to 2 can lead to more and then sugar binge. I've slowly cut down and haven't had a drink for a week now. Now you mention it, there was a point where I was making 'calorific room' for my booze but dealt with it.

    Same goes for the tiramisu. I still eat small portions of dessert on occasions and I'm still losing weight.

    My eating and drinking habits are still evolving and maybe I'd have rebelled if I'd tried to jump straight to where I am now.

    By keeping track of what you do eat and drink you can at least review and decide later, what is working and what isn't.

  • Thank you, nice to know other peoples experiences. I haven't done this before and when I have tried to cut down on my own I haven't felt like I can share it with anyone. My husband is one of those annoying people who can drink a beer every night and have dessert but can still stand on his head and touch his toes and thinks that cutting down is easy. So I'm feeling very positive about this sharing thing. I think that I am def the kind of person who is better if I keep a record of calories etc and you are right about that being a good way of reviewing what you have had so you can see whats working. Thanks again and well done on your 6kg x

  • I was a goody two-shoes for the first fortnight of the 12week plan - didn't have any alcohol midweek or the weekends and the weight started to slip way. Then I got sloppy! Then decided that was it, only on a Friday night. Now I have reached my first goal I sadly find I've lost the taste for it. Had two glasses the other night and gave myself a slight hangover. Tried again (I've got determination) but managed just to sip away at one glass. Devastating!

  • I had the worst hangover ever when I did the Sober October thing a couple of years ago, so I thought the best approach would be to just have one glass if I want one and see how it goes. I'm only on day two so if I don't lose a pound or two at the end of the week I will have to rethink. It's not going to be easy - all my "slim" friends drink loads so I will have to be strong. Well done on reaching your goal. :)

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