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Not a good week

Not had a good week. Been very tired all week ,Arthritis has been painful all week too. I don't know why ,So no knitting . This is bad for me as I get fidgety and need to keep my hands occupied. Grandkids here most week which is always a great temptation.

But I did swim 24 lengths of the local pool. So let's hope this week is better

Good weight loss to every body

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Sorry to hear that you've had a bad week, Hazelnnett, will you be joining us at the Sunday weigh-in?

Keep up with the swimming, that's great exercise and think about investing in a warm wax machine for the arthritis in your hands. It's impossible to eat with both hands covered in wax and plastic bags! ;)

Wishing you a much better week :)


Can I sign in here as 13.13lb


I'm afraid not, Hazelnnett, you need to log your weight on the weigh-in thread :)


My physio gave me a thick sponge wedge to squeeze for my hands when they flare up and it really helped It's rotten isn't and I can't bear not to be knitting I really hope you will be feeling much better this week 😀


Thank you I will look into this xxx


Hello Hazelnnet, the warm wax really does give relief for arthritic hands, I did not know you can buy them for home use. My mother in law had painful hands and had to stop knitting, she found that she could crochet.


Thank you. I have knitted since 14years old and now I am 68 . So I suppose I haven't done bad. But I love knitting I have got 4 grandchildren that came within 4 years so I was constantly knitting. I get a feel good feeling when I touch wool and buy patterns as others buy magazines .

A bit sad you may say .


Not sad a tall. I understand entirely. I am not a knitter but I do embroidery and the thrill of browsing the racks of different coloured threads and starting a new project gives me a real buzz. Bye the way have you tried bamboo knitting needles? I expect you have, it was just a thought


Thank you for the information . I will try them x


Hi Hazelnnett,

Sorry to hear about your arthritis. I'm not sure if you've done this already, but you might find it helpful to check out the arthritis section of Health Unlocked. healthunlocked.com/arthriti...



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