feeling great

day 5 woke up today with the feeling of more energy did have alittle belly ache yesturday but put that down to change of diet or probably 2 many lemon drinks althou i walk everywhere ( 1st driving lesson tomorrow thought i'd combat both at the same time ) i'm actually beginning to feel the effect of eating right i'm sticking to this.... if any one finds dieting easy well i no different its will power and a great support from here even just reading some of the posts & replies helps, that everyone has their own goal to achieve:-)


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4 Replies

  • It's great that you're feeling great, healthy, that's a perfect incentive to keep doing what you're doing :)

  • i now have a good breakfast branflakes with semi skimmed milk 1 banana & hot lemon mid morning fruit with some raisins dont have nuts lunch was wholemeal sandwich with wafer thin ham light spread butter 1 yogurt light hot lemon tea will be chicken with lots of veg i have totally stopped all snacking and drink plenty water not a tea or coffee drinker hot chocolate was my down fall which i have had none up till now and have kept my self busy i range from 1200 - 1400 but mainly stay under the 4 im back to work tomorrow so going to get up even earlier else i will just miss breakfast as i dont have time for it and i dont eat after 8pm only have a drink . trying to stick to healthy eating and not treat my self until i reach a goal because i no if i think have a bar of chocolate as a treat it would not stop i'd probably think have another it wont hurt, i have change also plate size i weigh out calorie count and use my breakfast bowl and now use a light spray for cooking hope i'm doing this right ? i have to be careful with starchy foods.

  • My impression of your diet is that you're not eating enough. 1200 - 1400 is lower than the lowest number of calories recommended and is counter-productive. Read this to see why


    Your foods are all high carbohydrate, with a lack of natural fats. Be careful with foodstuffs labelled low-fat and light, as they often have added sugar, or are trans fats, which are highly processed and not very good for you.

    I agree with chocolate/sugar, as I have no "off" switch either :)

  • oh i feel so disappointed in myself ive done it all wrong i thought i was doing right by opting for good foods rather then everything thats bad and actually reading the labels getting light stuff etc eating more fruit writing everything down, i had no intention of going any lower i just wanted to do it right hopefully lose for a better bmi and be more healthier it goes to show i no nothing i feel i have let my self and every one down i will weigh my self in the morning to see what ive done wrong i just dont no what to do now i thought i actually read everything right maybe not i will have to learn. sorry

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