Don't want to be hungry today

Found yesterday really hard, I tried eating smaller portions and was starving and went to bed with a painful stomach. I know there's always going to be a degree of discomfort when you give up things you enjoy, but I don't want to go too far the other way where I'm punishing myself for being overweight. I'm thinking that I'd probably be better off just making sure I eat healthily first, no takeaways etc. and then reduce my portions slowly, as I'm worried that if I'm too hard on myself I'll just give up.

I'm going to get myself an exercise bike and a set of scales (otherwise I won't know whether I'm doing well or not!) As I think these things will motivate me, and I want to support myself through this time. It's also good training for cycling in the summer, something I haven't really done as much as I'd like, and exercise that I've always enjoyed.

I only joined yesterday, and have found everyone I've spoken to really supportive and friendly, thank you to everyone who made my day brighter yesterday and today.

Have a great day everyone :-)


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  • OzzbourneHoz, are you eating enough calories? Check your BMI on NHS site and it will tell you how many calories to have, don't be tempted to cut down too low, it won't work. There is no reason for you to feel hungry or your body to feel punished. Fill up on lots of fresh veg and fruit. You have only just started. It takes a while to work out what works for you. I find if I have scrambled eggs on toast or skyr yoghurt and cereal or fruit for breakfast it fills me up all morning. Personally I don't think you have to deprive your self of anything. I calorie count and just build what I want into my daily allowance. I have made changes, I don't eat crisps and chocolate every day or week but if I want them I can build them in. I have healthier snacks now. Being hungry is not going to motivate you. Make the changes you have said in your post and you will notice a difference. Enjoy the bike and enjoy seeing your weight go down on those scales. Somebody suggested Leslie Sansomes Happy Walk on YouTube to me, walk a mile in your own home in 15 mins. It's really motivating. Good luck:)

  • Thank you for your kind words and advice - I actually measured my height just now as I was unsure of it, and I'm shorter than I thought, which means the amount of weight I need to lose is even more :-( I think I need to shop smarter so that I have more choice and don't feel depressed with the lack of stuff in the fridge. I was a serial takeaway eater so I think my body is suffering from going from such a high amount of calories and fat to very little. I've decided that I'm going to have a sausage sandwich for lunch and a healthy dinner with lean protein so that I don't feel so tired and down. I'm studying for a degree so I need to feel awake to do my work, and I've been feeling really rubbish. I'll take a look at the happy walk, thanks for the tip! :-) I'll also start to calorie count so that I'm not eating too little. Good luck on your journey.

  • Very sensible ideas:). If you like takeaways have a look st the Hairy Bikers take away recipes.

    Stay strong and good luck with your degree as well as your weight😄

  • Good idea! I'll have a look. Thank you :-)

  • I use the Hairy dieters books, they have great recipes that are easy to follow, very tasty, and filling.

  • I think that starting by cutting out the unhealthy stuff and then looking at portion control is a great way to start. (you COULD do portion control at the same time: a mouthful less IS still less but it has to work for you). I've been losing weight for years so I might not be the best role model but I started to turn it around properly when I read something that suggested prioritising your 5 a day. I went through a phase where, if I fancied something sweet, I bought a small packet of something, had a bite / mouthful and threw the rest away. Wasteful admittedly but now I don't have a sweet tooth and rarely eat sweet stuff.

    Small changes help us get used to things and re-establish a status quo before we do the next bit. Good luck, it's do-able but think of it as a journey.

  • Thank you for your kind words - you made me feel much better. I disagree, I think if you've been doing it for years you have more experience and from your comments it seems like you've learned good ways to deal with temptation. I think I struggle with the fact that it's so much harder work to cook healthy meals when I can just order food and not have the hassle of preparing it and cleaning afterwards. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, so physical activity can be really painful and draining on some days. I'm going to have a few things I enjoy and will try and stay away from the takeaways, as you say, small changes alone can make a huge difference :-) Good luck on your journey

  • I'm lucky in that I love cooking (I appreciate not everyone does but I suspect that's inexperience - as with anything the more you do it the easier it is). Rheumatoid Arthritis makes it harder but not impossible - dietary change is the most important bit (also I suspect less take-aways might help the RA?) . I had to change my attitude to comfort eating and I forgot to mention all the temper tantrums about not being able to eat what I want!! However, after years of saying no to myself I genuinely no longer want the crappy stuff very often and when I do I look for other ways to meet the need - fruit becomes very sweet when you don't eat much sugar.

    Stick with it - changing my diet, losing weight and getting fit really has been life changing.

  • The thing is I used to love cooking - but my issues have made it hard for me and have zapped a lot of the fun out of it. Yeah, the dietary changes do help, and having less weight on your joints puts less strain on them - leading to less pain and joint damage. Been calorie counting today with the help of my housemate which is helping.

    Thank you for your encouragement, I hope you're having a good day today.

  • Yes, thank-you!

  • Fruit, nuts, seeds in small amounts between meals will help with the hunger, drink more water between meals too.

    What degree are you studying?

  • Good idea, I've been drinking lots of water today. I'm studying a Psychology degree, in my second year and it's lots of hard work!

  • That's interesting, why did you choose psychology?

  • I've always been interested in it, I think because I've had issues myself.

  • Does it help with your issues, do you understand things more from learning psychology?

  • Not really - it has given me some lightbulb going off in the head moments about things generally, but not a lot in relation to myself. I wish I enjoyed it more to be honest with you

  • It isn't as interesting as you thought it would be or is the amount of studying taking the enjoyment away?

  • I think I haven't thrown myself into it completely - I get very distracted with other people or other things in my life and neglect the course. Now I'm so far behind that I feel like giving up. I won't though, but I feel fed up with it. I was using food to deal with it and now I feel like I don't have as much to look forward to.

  • I hope I'm not distracting you from it now lol

    Will you be able to catch up?

  • Haha no you're not to be fair :-) Yeah, I'm sure I will, and the university are being really understanding and supportive. I think I've just got to learn that I can't take the easy route all the time, that things worth doing are hard work. How's your day going?

  • Well that's good, the hard work pays off and is worth the effort.

    My day is going ok, I'm not doing much today just taking it easy. Yours?

  • Not a lot really, just been trying to stick to my calorie allowance and have been doing some online shopping. Got myself an exercise bike and some body fat scales, which will arrive tomorrow

  • Sounds good, will the bike have programs on it?

  • I think so - it has a calories burned counter and measures heart rate etc. I've always found them one of the more motivating forms of exercise. What sort of exercise/activities do you do?

  • I do mainly weight training and some cardio in the gym I also go walking. I'm a qualified instructor so I really love to exercise.

    If you need any advice don't be afraid to ask me and I'll try to help you.

  • That's cool, thank you. I like going on walks too, but it's annoying where I live as the parks are a bit too far, so you feel like you've done the walk before you get there! Hoping to get fitter so that I can ride by bike again soon.

  • Sure as long as you are up and getting started it's great, when you get fitted maybe walking to, in and from the park won't be a problem. Can't you ride your bike now?

  • I can, but it's lodged in my garage and I found that last time I went on it it was painful to ride where I'd gained weight, I guess the saddle is too wide or something. Also, when my legs are stiffer (I have Rheumatoid Arthritis) I find it more difficult to ride it effectively. The exercise bike is good as you don't have to have good balance and keep pedalling if you see what I mean.

  • Yes and you can get off it whenever you want without having to go all the way home again.

  • Haha yes, exactly! Whereabouts do you go for walks, near home or further afield?

  • We have some lakes here that are good for walks, only five minutes away but I go to the mountains sometimes they are 40 minute drive from here.

  • Sounds lovely - whereabouts are you based? There's some nice nature reserves and green spaces near me, but as I say, much better if you have a car as you can fast track to the nice bits. I'm based in Essex

  • I'm in Northern Ireland. Lots of lovely places to walk here.

  • You don't drive?

  • Good luck today ....with your dieting ..hope you find you have a easier day and it's not easy but just try to focus on the new you and when my belly rumbles I try to tell my self ...that's the new me fighting to get out 😊 best of luck sweetie

  • Don't be downhearted hunni and don't go to bed hungry either. If your body is hungry it will go into starvation mode and your metabolism will slow making it much harder to lose weight. You have to trick your body into thinking it's receiving the same amount of food as usual whilst really it's getting less calories than usual.

    I've found the easiest way for me was to download My Fitness App. Then everyday for a week I just entered everything I ate without dieting or cutting down. At the end of the week I could see each day where the unnecessary calories were being consumed and where I could cut calories down just by making a few simple changes like fat free yogurts or sweetener rather than sugar. I stopped myself reaching for the chocolate or biscuits by making sure there was a bunch of sweet grapes there instead. I put blinkers on in the supermarket and refuse to buy biscuits etc but buy lots of fruit instead.

    Weight watchers do some nice ready meals and puddings which are only a £1 each in Iceland. They make a good alternative to a takeaway.

    I've struggled with my weight for years and have tried many different diets but now I've decided I'm not going to diet again. I am just making a few changes to the way I eat and what I eat. I try to be careful everyday and if one day I feel like eating a chocolate bar I will, I'll just cut back a bit for a couple of days after.

    I also gave found it a lot easier if I exercise more. I swim as many times a week as I can and the days I don't swim I try to do a workout or weights at home. You tube is a Godsend for easy workouts for beginners!

    So far I've lost 7lb in 4 weeks which is a steady loss of just under 2lb a week. If I can keep it up I will make my target of a total loss of 4 stone.

    Trust me if I can do it you can too😊

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