A long journey!

This morning MyFitnessPal told me I had logged in for 70 days! I wish I had a bigger weight loss to show for this long slow journey, (don't forget Christmas and New Year came in the middle of it!) but I feel good that I have stuck to it for so long already. The weight is coming off gradually and I feel good, my clothes are more comfortable, happy with that. Really hoping I might get my 7lb badge this week, hoping a big family lunch today won't put paid to that!


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5 Replies

  • Sounds like you've been very committed to your journey and have results to show for it which is amazing. Well done!

  • You've done really well. I believe you don't have a great deal to lose? That makes it harder I think.

  • That's right Grannynise. 5'3", 64, started at 10st 4lb 70 days ago, now at 9st 11ish, trying to get to around 9st 2/3lb? I've never got below that mark, so that's probably a realistic goal.

  • Slow and steady wins the race, Tt :)

    Every one of those days has taken you closer to your goal and therefore worth every second! :)

    I'm polishing that badge for you, so steer clear of the roast tatties and yorkie puds!! ;)

  • Your doing just great Trimmerteacher .

    So much so your going to have to drop the Tubby and just be Teacher :) :)


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