S T S today so need a boost

S T S today so need a boost

So after doing loads of working out and lifting I had a sts this week. It's bummed me out so I'm trying to dust myself off by reminding myself I can't lose weight every single week and of how far I've come. Gotta get my groove back quick. It's my op on Tuesday and I'm nervous about it too so my heads all over the shop but I will not be beaten x x x


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9 Replies

  • You're probably developing muscle and that's hung onto water during repair, which would account for no weight loss, Crimson, however, the inch loss is really impressive, well done you! :)

    I hope all goes well on Tuesday, try not to get too stressed about it, if possible, because that will affect your weight loss too.

  • I know yeah. I'm an awful stress eater :/ Just trying to see the bigger picture x x x thanks @moreless x x

  • Hi Crimson,

    Your stats look great, and show the amazing progress you are making. A stay the same is so much better than a gain, so Congratulations on maintaining.

    Wishing you all the best for your op on Tuesday.

    Take care and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    Zest :-) xx

  • GOod luck for Tuesday Crimson85j - I'll be thinking of you x

  • Hope all goes well on Tuesday. Try not to stress. Just remember once it's over you'll be on the recovery road and will soon be in top form. 💐💐

  • Thanks guys x x had a day off yesterday and now I'm right back in the zone again. Got a couple of days to kill it before Tuesday x x

  • Stats are amazing - what great work on your measurements. I particularly like the statements at the end which really personalise it. Keep up the amazing work and hope all goes well

  • You've done very well, had a very bad week mega sugar cravings and bloating 2lbs ( average) on, it must stop! I feel the need to return to normal now.

    Remember we all get these blips, IRS part of being human, the downward trend is the bigger pic

  • Yeah I know we all get wobbles and I'm right back in he game again today. Just have to let go of it. Can't lose all the time x x

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