...and so it starts!

Hello everyone!

Completely new to everything today! Just signed up and ready to go!

I need to loose 6st 3lbs to get to a healthy weight for my height as my BMI is currently 37.1!

Im a young girl and I find it really hard to controll my eating habbits which is leading me into a downward spiral with my depression.

I hope to gain more confidence, loose wieght and be happy with the help and support of the NHS and others like myself.

Goodluck everyone and please wish me luck!

Soriea x


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8 Replies

  • Good luck Soriea!

  • You can do it Soriea, you won't need luck, you'll get support and encouragement from us and you'll have the strength and determination to make a difference to your life. You've already made the first and most difficult step! :)

  • Welcome to the start of a new you Soriea

    You've found a great place. :)

  • Hi soriea

    We're all here for a similar reason and goal.

    I'm new to this too

    We can do it together!

  • Good luck and welcome.

  • Hi Soriea and welcome.

    You'll find that one small change to something you have control over (eating) can have a significant impact on the other areas of your life. Eating healthy stuff and in the right quanities will impact on your skin, your health, your emotional wellbeing.

    If you are able to build in a little exercise (fine to do a bit of crazy dancing to music in your bedroom!) that will also really help with making you feel better in all sorts of ways.

    How is your sleep - do you get good quality sleep on a regular basis? This is something else that will help in the scheme of things.

    Good that you are young and have your whole life ahead of you. I waited until I was 50 to lose my weight. Whilst I think it's never too late, I wished I'd done it a long time ago!

  • Hi Soriea and welcome.

    I couldn't agree more with Pineapple27. Making small changes over one thing can have such a positive impact on so many other aspects of your life.

    Be aware that you're not in a race, just be strong and take things in your stride.

  • Welcome to the forum and the very best of luck with your weight loss journey. :)

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