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So I have always been on the larger side until all the puppy fat dropped off at 16 but since then I seem t have put some more on and although I've always said that dieting was never for me, I have spent the last week and a half trying to follow the NHS 12week plan thing. Been a bit difficult to follow this week because everyone in my house, including me, has come down with a cold so although I wanted to think about starting the couch to 5k course (major for me, I've been deathly allergic to running since cross country in high school) it says its best not to whilst ill so I've pushed that back. So this was just an intro thing and this was probably not the smartest move in when to start a diet because next week is my birthday, but I'll try anyway.

Sorry for rambling, and thanks to any that are still reading this post.

Rock on with being you people!



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  • Hello brozwn, welcome and congratulations on starting the NHS 12 week plan.

    Don't stress about not getting into the exercising as quickly as you wanted or about the birthday. There will always be hurdles in whatever we try and do and its good that you're identifying them. The cold will go and IMO your birthday should be enjoyed.

    Stay focused and you'll do well. Good luck!

  • Thank you and hearing the plans my friends are starting for my birthday I assume I shall be made to have fun (and lots of calories) it sounds like.

    Good luck to you to!

  • Don't stress it too much. I'm on my 3rd week and although I had been getting exercise, I too now have a cold so just haven't got the energy. Enjoy your birthday. But you've taken the first step! Well done and welcome!

  • Thanks for the welcome, I hope we both manage to get over these colds soon! Although the healthy eating has been making me feel better so hopefully all that vitc will help speed up the immune response!

  • hello brozwn, hope that cold disappears soon for you so that you can enjoy your birthday. Spend some time reading through the pinned posts and topics sections on here whilst your not so good, they can help you to get your mind motivated whilst your body heals and give you some good ideas of things to do once you are well enough and your birthday celebrations are over. You have taken the first step by introducing yourself and we will all still be here in a weeks time.😊

  • Thanks! I think you guys are all gonna make this so much easier to stay on track

  • Hi brozwn

    Welcome to the weight loss forum.

    Take a look at the Welcome Newbie post in the Pinned post section at the right hand side or at the bottom if your on a mobile. Have a look at the nhs 12 week plan, many members here have had success losing weight on this plan. Use the BMI checker to work out your daily calorie allowance.

    Below the Pinned posts are the Topics where members share a range of weight related subjects.

    Take your measurements at the start along with a photo so you can see the changes on the days the scales don't move.

    We have daily weight ins so why not come and join us. You can find them on the Home page in Events. Just click on the post and post your starting weight, your aim for the week and any loss/gain or maintain for the week.

    To get the most out of the forum be active, share experiences, tips and ideas. Read some of the posts they are good for inspiration and very motivating.

    Have a good first week.


  • Thanks, I think this site is really gonna help me stay on track ad motivated, I may brave a live weigh in a few weeks

  • The forum is a very supportive and motivating site so good luck with your weight loss and feel free to join in with any day on the weigh in.

  • Hello Brozwn and welcome to the forum.

    Perhaps the best piece of advice I can offer is not to attempt to overhaul everything overnight - seek to introduce changes gradually.

    Most importantly, if you've not done so already, calculate your numbers through use of the BMI calculator, maintaining a daily deficit from maximum allowance; the more active you intend to be, the less of a calorie deficit you'll need to maintain (since activity/exercise will also expend calories).

    Secondly, gradually aim to phase out consumption of refined sugars (cakes, sweets and pastries) and white varieties of pasta, bread, rice and potatoes, opting for complex varieties, such as oats, lentils, quinoa and beans, alongside non-starchy vegetables. Keep carbohydrate intake at around 30% of daily intake.

    While some loss can be expected (as a result of calorie reduction) by aiming to keep protein consumption at a modest level (around 35% of calorific intake), maintenance of muscle mass shouldn't be affected too dearly as fat is lost. After all, a loss of muscle mass lowers one's rate of metabolism and also affects athletic performance.

    As for consumption of fat, it's not something that you should be afraid of, provided that it's obtained from the right sources.

    So long as you don't suffer from high BP or cholesterol, for example, the consumption of natural saturated fat (full fat milk, cheese, cream, butter & coconut oil) should be fine in moderation. If you do suffer from the above health conditions, minimise consumption of the above in favour of virgin olive oil, avocados, nuts, fish and seeds (chia/flaxseed).

    However, bear in mind that fat (regardless of its form) is incredibly calorific (containing 9Kcal per gram), so it's consumption ought to be measured, forming around 35% of overall intake.

    Once recovered from the cold that may have plagued you and having enjoyed a birthday evening, through a reduction in both calorie intake and consumption of simple/refined carbohydrate, you should begin to enjoy the level of loss desired upon full embarkment of the C25K program, with a weekly reduction of 1-3lbs being both sensible and sustainable.

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