It's gone wrong from day 1

So it's been slipping since first day.

I thought i'd just work in a little biscuit at first it's Day 3 and I've had 2 packets of crisps and 2 chocolate bars

Thing is I'm still within my calories...I'm conflicted. I know it's bad cals and I should stick to what's nutritious but part of my head still makes me think it's ok because i'm sticking to the cals.



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  • I'm a newbie & don't beat yourself up. Get up tomorrow & start again. It's a big step for the long term . I have been over weight for more years than I can remember. Over 30yrs. It was ok when I was younger fit & active. Now I have to make the best choice for me. Good luck. You are not alone. โญG56

  • did you watch that sugar free farm it make you think differently towards sugar worth watching

  • Do you have beautiful, fresh and appetizing healthy choices on hand? Is it possible to go cold turkey on sweet things? Even artificial sweeteners?

    These two seems to work for me. If I don't have something nice to eat, I crave chocolates and biscuits. If I start to take one teaspoon sweetness I crave more and more.

  • it is very hard to start with i was the same i will just have that cake from the bakery i will just have those chips i am in to my 7th week now it does get so much easier you bypass the bakery and the chippy i have lost 8 kilos now if you think its only 1800 calories per day for a female ? its not a lot to say a big mac meal is approx 1400 with out a drink you will get there it will get easier

  • I'd like you to watch the video on this thread, Elyg and see if it makes you feel differently about your biscuits and chocolate.

  • Wow...real eye opener...thanks.

  • An amazing video, went on to watch another one and will at some point watch the rest. Very well explained. Thank you.

  • Hi Elyg,

    Ah that's tough for you.

    I just can't keep any of those things in the house. I'd get some delicious food/treats in for those difficult times.

    It's early days but stick with it, you'll soon get into the swing. :)

  • I'm with jopo . Don't take money, and then you can't buy them, it's early days and you're only sabotaging yourself!

    I used to quite happily sit and eat 12 packets of crisps and know that if they were in the house now I would still do that - and think about the greed later when it was too late! You're not a baby so do you need comfort food? Does it really comfort you or does it spiral you further into problems with your weight.?

    Give yourself a chance Elyg and the results will spur you on, make you stronger, and enable you to resist those cravings when they're in front of you. You can do this. Just depends what's more important to you really. I read a good post that said 'eat to live, not live to eat'...xx

  • ANewMe2017 i am well aware I am not a baby.

    I am an emotional eater and use food for comfort

    I am here and I am making an attempt.

    Please be aware of the words you use when replying to comments.

    Thank you

  • Elyg I certainly did not mean to upset you :o . I was only speaking from my personal journey on how I am dealing with things. I just want you to do well. I read a good book called 'You can be thin' by Marissa Peer and it helped me to understand how my mind was viewing food and why I overate. Might be worth a look. Keep going...xx

  • Thank you. I'll look that one up! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thank you everyone for the replies.

    I do need to work on my preparation for the day to help me stop reaching for these things.

    I don't keep these things in the house, however in the office we have a full canteen and coffee shop plus vending machines on every level.

    My willpower is pants but I also reach for food as comfort (any kind of food). I've had fears over breaking that bond and I think that's creeping in a bit.

    Thank you moreless for the link. That was really helpful, absolutely going to plan everything from now on and move away from the sugar

    I don't trust myself to go cold turkey Ribaka. I have a bad history of bingeing and I need to do things in steps to avoid that.

  • You're sounding much more positive and focused now, Elyg, which is great :)

  • I agree.. it is most difficult. I work in a grocery store full of snacks and comfort eat constantly. I am here for my 3rd time.. the 2nd time I lost 16 lbs (cant really translate that to stone as I am from US but there it is) I have since gained my 16 lbs back but am back to see if I can do it again. and I can. what I do is take a sensible lunch to work and try not to be hungry so I can avoid the sugary snacks. I can eat French fries and potato chips til I am blue in the face but it does usually make me feel worse. did you try the food diary? it makes me realize what ridiculous decisions I make sometimes like going to work hungry and then I work at changing that. I really hope you stay here and let us know how it is going. most people are extremely helpful and I find it so relaxing and helpful to post here and to read posts. I heard something one time that I have always liked "nothing tastes as good as thin feels" I use it as my mantra so to speak. I try to remember that when I want to binge or eat something I don't need. I try also not to think of foods as "good" or "bad" but more like what I should stay away from if I want to be thin and healthy. at my age, healthy is more important, I am 50 now. so CHIN UP!! it can be done!

  • Hi Elyg hope you're having a good day. I am a comfort eater & have been through out my. Research shows that the problem started in my early teens. Due to a Family break up. I'm getting support now. Show's how slow I am. I was terrible. Take away meals chipper. I would get more than I need to. I would get for 2 or 3!!!!!! I'm still struggling with this. Not as bad though. I hope that helps a little bit. The best of luck to you lass. Get wired into the fresh fruit. ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ‰๐ŸŠ๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ๐ŸŽ๐Ÿ‡

  • Thanks so much George56 . I'm really glad you've found the root - I wish I could.

    Taking it a day at a time

  • i'm a newbie .... on day 3 i admit my stomach was making noises this morning after breakfast and i would of probably grabbed or made some thing unhealthy but instead for sweetness i grabbed a mini box of raisins don't beat your self up keep on trying you will get over the first hurdle, i'm just trying not to knock it over :-)

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