Shall I be a Thursday Girl?

Haven't started with this weight loss plan yet. Newbie Nerves + lack of motivation = nothin' doin'! Anyway, I weighed myself this morning so I guess I'd better reach for the charts and make a start.

Confession time. I know, if I'm honest, what part of my problem is. I need to ditch the processed foods but I hate cooking! However, I've been reading some of the labels more thoroughly on the ready-made sauces and seeing the rubbish included, like sugar in a curry sauce. Why would I want sugar in my curry??? I do have a few recipes I make up from scratch, one of them being a very naughty Strogonoff, with white wine (lots of calories) and cream! (lots of fat!) I'm very much a 'One Pot' cook, as I live alone and can't be doing with faffing around for ages for a meal just for one! If anyone can suggest a recipe book for people-who-hate-cooking-and-need-to-lose-weight, I'd be very grateful, thanks.


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  • I know your feeling - I am as far removed from Nigella as I can be & had always found jars etc so much easier. I still half do but do try my best to make things from scratch when I can & always make more so I can freeze portions for days when I can just chuck it in a pan/oven.

    Practice makes perfect as they say & I now have a few recipes that I know off by heart! 😉 Plus feel better knowing all that crap isn't in my food!

    Keep motivated, lots of positive posts on here & friendly people when you're struggling.

    Good luck 😊

  • Freezing down - brilliant strategy. My Linda McCartney recipes are nearly all for 6 portions so I choose the 'One Pot' varieties that don't take too long in preparation time and then I've got loads of boxes to pack in the freezer, ideal for when I've been looking after my grandchildren all day, and come home shattered!

    Really enjoying this forum already, everyone is so supportive!

  • Yes definitely be a a Thursday girl battlethebulge . Do it now !! :)

  • OK! So, do I record my weight on here, or is it just the amount I've lost that's put on the site? Newbie knows nuffin'.

  • battlethebulge

    Go to home page and scroll down until you find today's post - it will say weigh-in Thursday 16th.

    State your starting weight and how much you have set to lose this week. Just a couple of pounds or whatever you feel ready to commit to.

    Please always reply to the person above you on the thread, words or support, praise or encouragement. You'll be doing a great thing.

    Good luck.

  • You need to start your own recipe book Battlethebulge, bit like my totally scrappy thing that I sellotape copies of recipes in one month, only to rip them out the next! The other thing you're going to experience is a taste issue - my step kids only ate their mum's food, everything out of a tin, packet or jar. When they stayed with us, they hated everything I served up! Because it tasted different - and the reverse is true. I just can't eat a bolognese sauce if it has been made using a jar, just tastes revolting to me. My niece (cooks like you) has just started on a Slimming World diet and the other day was making a cottage pie with a swede mash top. I saw her with a jar of Sweetener in her hand and said "what are you doing with that?" When I looked at the recipe, it did call for the addition of Sweetener, but we realised this was probably aimed towards people coming "off" sauce mixes and starting to cook from scratch. I know that some people put a pinch of sugar in a tomato sauce to enhance the flavour, but really, would you taste the lack of sugar in a cottage pie????

    It takes getting used to - I usually only look at recipes that take 30mins to prepare, on the basis that's it's going to take me an hour! But there are some lovely things to cook out there, you're just going to have to get used to the taste difference though. What sort of things do you like - I know of a gorgeous beef stir fry that is quick and easy and tastes just lovely.

  • Thanks again ottomummy. Ugh! Sweeteners in a bolognese?

    Ah - girl after my own heart, a 30 minute recipe junkie. I'm a vegetarian so I'll pass on your beef stir fry thanks! I do a lot of stir fry meals using Quorn, or cashew nuts, but I'm still using packet mixes to put in them, and also add plenty of fresh veg. I have a few nice recipes I use from my Linda McCartney recipe book but many of her recipes are too elaborate for me (um, read time-consuming there!) There's a Sainsbury's own label stir fry sauce you can buy which is really nice, strongly flavoured with ginger. I have tried to replicate it at home without much success, but I do quite like strong flavours; a veggie chilli, a hot curry or things containing lots of onions!

  • Interesting - I was veggie (well, what do they call the one that will eat meat, but chooses not to..... "flexitarian" I believe - no, I didn't make it up!) but since starting the new food regime, I have included meat, because I dropped our calories and wanted to ensure I was giving us both a well balanced diet. I also think that was part of my problem. In my head, I know that meat has more calories than vegetables, so I used to pile my plate up with a knowing smile, thinking "I can eat all this, it's only vegetables". Can't have Quorn in the house, husband is very, very allergic to it! Having chickpeas tonight, actually one of my least favourite, whatever you do to them, they still taste of.... chickpeas! Husband once offered to cook a meal, he chose "Lemony Chickpeas" which was..... Chickpeas, heated, with lemon drizzled on top. Nothing more, nothing less. I looked at him in disgust!!!!

  • Just stumbled across this thread and read your post. It made me chuckle! I made home made veg burger last night with sweet potato, chickpeas, a bit of onions and kidney beans with some Tex mex spices and it was lovely, though like you said you could still taste chickpeas lol but then again I love chickpeas!

    I include meat in our recipes but I use less by combining beans etc. Chicken and chickpea (!!) curry with cauliflower, carrots and onions is really nice. We have it with wholemeal chapatti and small potion of rice and kids like it too :)

  • We buy fresh stuff then use the Seasoning sachets from the supermarket. We have tried a lot as we don't really have the mind of a cook between us! They seem quite low on calories and quite often we'll just fill up the plate with veg. We often end up with more portions so we freeze it for a future date. A few days making extra portions and you'll have a week of meals in the freezer!

    Good luck!

  • Sounds like a brilliant idea! Many recipes state 'a clove of garlic' or 'one chilli', the trouble is, because I don't always cook from scratch the fresh stuff goes off, so I have been using those little jars of 'Lazy Garlic' or the chilli equivalent, plus dried herbs.

  • You can freeze peeled garlic cloves or grate some into a tub and take out what you need.

    Chillis can be frozen whole. Defrost by running under the hot tap for 10 seconds, remove the seeds, chop and you're ready to go.

    I also chop bunches of fresh coriander and parsley, put them in tubs and freeze.

  • I freeze chilis too but I chop them and put them in an ice tray with a little bit of water :) I just take out one or two cubes when I need them :) So handy!

  • Most of them ask for meat and onion or mushrooms. We can handle that! The packet shows the calories for a portion made up as directed so easy to keep track. We find it so much easier than having to have 10 kinds of herbs and spices to hand!

  • Another thing you could also do if you wanted some healthier ideas that are completely different but with some of them you can change the items slightly is to go on the NHS website and look up recipes. There are loads of healthy options and they give you the calories with them too. I can't believe the choice.

  • Not a recipe book, but have you tried the Eat Well range in ready meals from M&S? They show their calories and the fruit/veg portions, so easy to keep track of. And I often go for sandwiches or salads, too, as I also don't like cooking for one.

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