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17 stone today \o/ Bit surprised really as I did eat somewhat unhealthily over the weekend as I visited a friend/ex in Ludlow for the day, and just HAD to try a basil and lime cheesecake (!) and a pizza featuring pistachio nuts, but I've been pretty good besides, including getting lots of exercise exploring Ludlow Castle and church (the tower has 210 steps, and my legs went into spasm once I was down again, lol!), and walking up and down the platform at Newport station for half an hour because the rugby at Cardiff meant my intended train was Japanese commuter-level full and the weather was *freezing*. It's hard loving food and trying to lose weight, but somehow I'm managing!

My Tuesday gym/swim session was yesterday, and I'd asked my instructor to show me some low-impact resistance stuff. I now have to do 20 squats (2 sets, 10 reps), same again with a 4kg kettlebell, use a weird harness that lets you lean back and then you have to pull yourself upright, and then do 40 reps (2 sets) of pulling on a rope. Not hurting at all today which is excellent, so it may be good for other fibro sufferers.

Hope your week's going well :)

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  • Glad to hear that you've been shown resistance exercises that you can incorporate without exacerbating your condition.

    If anything, the rope pulls and suspension training exercise will benefit your swimming, as they'll strengthen your arms, shoulders and back.

  • Thanks, that's what I'm hoping. I would like to build up the strength and confidence to be able to do front crawl for some of my lengths.

  • If you're looking to introduce front crawl, research the Total Immersion technique, which concentrates upon body roll to create propulsion through the water, rather than kicking and pulling. Alternatively, the Alexander Technique is worth considering, since it also concentrates upon maintaining neutral spine position.

    Both teach incredibly relaxed methods of swimming, allowing you to glide up and down the pool once mastered. Even if you don't wholly master either technique, by incorporating elements as best you can, your swimming should improve.

    On YouTube, simply type in Total Immersion or Terry Laughlin, to gain an idea of how the technique is performed. It really will transform the way you swim front crawl.

    If you wish to research further, visit the following websites:

    I also have books on both techniques. Total Immersion was purchased from Waterstones and the Alexander Technique from Amazon.

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