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Difference between digital and mechanical

Seeing as I am not going to slimming world to use their scales. I'm now stuck on which set to use...

I have a pair of both digital and mechanical scales, my housemate also has a pair of digital scales.

Now, take Monday evening for example. I weighed in at SW and it showed me 200.5lbs. I then weighed myself on my digital scales at home and it told me I'm 204.5lbs, weighed myself on my housemates digital scales and it weighed me as203.5. I weighed myself straight after and my mechanical scales weighed me as 196.5lbs... So a big difference between the 4 as you can see, but SW seemed to be the middle ground. The mechanical scales at my doctors where I weighed the Friday before, also weighed me as 196.5lbs, same as my mechanical scales.

N.B. I used all 3 scales at home on a hard flat surface in exactly the same spots, wearing the same clothes etc etc etc.

My problem is, now I'm not going to go to slimming world, I don't know which scales to trust. I'm 50/50 on both as I would like to think the digital ones would be reliable, as they're digital, but it will show me probably about the same weight (if I've lost on Monday) or more (if I've maintained). But then I think the mechanical ones should be reliable too, as being all old school-y and 2 sets of mechanicals ones have weighed me the same only 3-4 days apart, but on Monday would mean a large drop in weight.

See my dilemma? I'm not sure whether either weight will be a true weight. But I am moving more towards the side of mechanical. Not because it will probably weigh me less, but because I have had 2 weigh ins on two different mechanical scales, that have given me the same numbers, compared to 3 different types of digital that have given 3 different results...

What are people's opinions/experiences with this. Next be weighing on Monday, so need to make my mind up haha!

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I don't think it matters which you use so long as you stick to the same one all the time, any of them are going to show loss/gain, so just pick a pair, record your starting weight and go from there.


Ditto what Caz28 says. I just used the scales in Boots as I wanted to know what is said for body fat (how it knows from grasping 2 pieces of metal I have no idea). I ignored the weight bit as I can only track my weight on one set of scales. Personally pick the one in your house that isn't too old. If it is digital maybe put a new battery in. I think weight loss is as much about losing inches and clothes fitting better. I use the Rosemary Connelly tape measure as you put clips on to show your starting measurements. Good luck

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Hi stick to one set as they all weigh differently. Weigh in the morning if you can. Stick to a digital set. Hope this helps


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