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Just joined today having read through NHS Choices I have just turned 50 not happy but hey ho it,s only a number. I have gained 10lbs over the last year I know why working mornings & nights getting home late & just having 3/4 biscuits with cup of tea or chocolate bar with cuppa. Why did I not think pounds would pile on ? So I am determined to lose unwanted pounds in time for better weather.

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Welcome eileen2467. Sounds like you know what's going on and what you need to do.

One of the admins will provide you with further links to information that may assist you with your goal.

Good luck!


Hi EILEEN2467 and welcome to the forum.

Check out the Welcome Newbies post in the pinned posts section (to the right of your screen on a pc, bottom on a mobile) - this contains some great info for starting out and navigating your way around the site. Then work out your BMI using the NHS BMI calculator - nhs.uk/Tools/Pages/Healthyw... and have a look at the 12 week healthy eating plan. Don't forget to sign up for the weekly emails.

Take all of your before measurements and maybe a photo.

We run weigh-ins every day; at the moment Sunday is our least busy day and consider joining some of our challenges as they are fun and motivating.

We also give out weight loss badges and you are welcome to have a Newbie one for the first 12 weeks of your journey if you would like one?

Best of luck and I look forward to seeing you around ☘


Hi Eileen just read your blog, I have just joined too, hopefully will help to loose weight knowing there are others doing it too!! Strange when you hit the big 50 and it's like omg where did my extra love handles come from!! Us woman have a hard time from bad periods to the bloody menopause hot sweats etc and then we gain extra weight grrrrrr not fair! I have found keeping off sugar is the best, but so much food has sugar in it!! So it's not easy . Processed food is the enemy as the manufacturers put so much sugar in this food. Fruit and veg with protein and small portions of brown rice and pasta is what I will be doing hopefully it will work!!


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