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Hi guys I am interested if anyone watched last nights documentary on 'Super Slimmers, did they really keep the weight off'? I did, and found it a bit disheartening to be honest. Apparently our bodies are preset to put on extra fat during famine going back to the ark ages, and from the gist of it, when we diet and consume a set amount of calories our bodies think we are going into a famine state and our metabolism slows down to preserve fats. The vast majority of people who lose wight will put it back on and more as our bodies will set themselves at a weight it thinks we should be, regardless. The science behind it proves this scenario. I found the programme very interesting but also felt myself feeling flat. I understand that eating a healthy normal diet and exercising and maintaining it is essential, but, if our bodies have a preset trigger to slow out metabolism when it thinks it is starving how are all of us going to ever get down to lose the weight and keep it off?


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  • Hi. I posted about the programme last night on here, there was a really interesting discussion. I don't know how to put s link to it but if you look for my posts or scroll down to last night about 9pm you will find it. The programme freaked me out but I am over it now.

  • Hi thanks just reading the replies

  • Hi Janey, there's another post about this, sorry no idea how to post a link, with a lot of comments about the programme, might be worth a read. I think the answer for us is slow and steady lifestyle change has got to be better than rapid very low calorie diets. I'm thinking maybe even in small increments, maintenance "stopping points" along the way? (Just my idea no science behind that)

  • thanks I am reading the other posts did not realise someone had put up one

  • It's so easy to miss a post particularly from the day before as so many posts come in.

  • hi I watched it, and took comfort and confirmation from it. slow and steady is the way forward, which is the way I'm going. starvation diets don't work. new lifestyle here i come

  • hi i watch it,I have over 4 stone to lose,after watching re metabolic rate, I plan to do 3 exercise a week, consist of yoga,Zumba,aqua classes a week,then be sensible re exercise,and retrain and find an eating habit ti last for the rest of my life,so I've got alot learning re planning and pre-preparing meals/menu😊

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