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Moving to London for a month advice needed

Hi everyone,

I'm moving down to London for work for a month starting Monday and it just dawned on me what this will mean for my weight loss!

First of lot I'm going to be staying in a new place for a month so will not have my spices/seasoning or my weighting scales, neither my kitchen one or my body ones. It's a friend of a friends flat that I'm staying in, she's also away for work while I'm renting her place so fingers crossed she'll have some of the measuring things I'll need.

Otherwise I guess I'll head to Boots on weight in days and maybe buy a cheap weighting scale for my food.

Otherwise I'm a bit excited to try new vegan places to eat while there, so I better restrain myself!

Anyone have any advice or tips at times of upheaval?

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Hi echoground

I'm sure you'll have a wonderful experience in London and I expect the place you are staying in will have some spices, or just take a few with you.

My best advice is plan ahead your meals and enjoy hunting out new Vegan restaurants but treat it a special occasion. Good luck and have fun !

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Yeah I think you're right about bringing what I can with me. I live with my boyfriend so I can't take too much with me otherwise it'll put him in the same position haha. Maybe I'll pinch from the flat in London what I can but buy extras if I end up using too much.

thanks for replying!


What sprung to mind was to treat it like an extended self catering holiday. When you get there go shopping and get a small stock of your usual foods so you keep mostly on track, then plan your eating out adventures spaced out over your month. Hope you have a lovely time 😀

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Yeah I'm going to meal plan so I don't create too much food waste and keep it simple because I doubt I'll want to spend too much time cooking. Lots of baked sweet potatoes and one pan veggie curries I reckon.

Thanks for replying!


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