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I really don't know what's up with me this week, normally I'm so positive but seem to be hitting that wall now. In 4 weeks I lost 8lbs and then on my Sunday weigh in discovered iv gained 2lbs. The plus side is I'm averaging an inch off my waist each week, I know that my fat is probably turning to muscle which weighs more. I dont have a problem with this, well didn't think so but all week I feel iv done nothing but calorie count and I can't get my calories under 1500. I don't snack, I eat salads and porridge, I don't get it. I know next week il be back to my positive self and it's probably this stupid cold I'm fighting but just need a pick me up this week. I'm on the gp referral plan aswell which is added pressure as I don't want them to think I haven't done anything. Any tips on getting my calories down?


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  • Hi lauraward86 I too felt a bit yukky with my cold last week, Its our bodies, using all our energy to fight it I think - normal response for me is to grab something to perk myself up - I decided to grab a bag of little oranges and that helped me and kept my psche up I also suffer hormonally, you don't say how old you are but your monthly cycle or going through the change can zap you 1 week in 4 as they used to call it in SW ☆ the star week ☆

    Big hug and try and get that possitivety back. You can do it. x

  • Thank you. I'm 30. Just having an off day I think x

  • You're not feeling positive but I think you should from what you're saying. If your measurements are decreasing, then like you say, the fat is going and the muscle is building up.

    I'd say the same goes for your calorie intake. If the inches are coming off then it sounds like your body needs those 'additional' calories.

    You're ill at the moment and that may be colouring your viewpoint but looking from afar it all looks pretty good to me.

  • I feel exactly the same. I'm counting calories, being so sensible., no snacks and not even got a cold to blame for putting on a pound this week. (I did have a meal out last Saturday but normally I can allow myself that sort of treat and still lose overall). At yesterday's weigh in lots of people appeared to be feeling the same way. Just got to hang on in there. Only hurting ourselves if we sabotage our efforts now!

  • Don't beat yourself up, I think you have done amazing.

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