It's creeping back on..... And I'm frightened!

I started losing weight a year ago. I had gotten down from 205.2 - 152.6. A total of 52.6 pounds.... It wasn't my goal, I had another 12.8 to go... but for some reason, the mojo I had for several months, left me. I've been struggling to maintain for about 4 months... but in the last month, I've fallen apart. Ice cream every night, chocolate. Chinese Food. No filter. I'm up 7.2 pounds from my lowest point. (159.8). That number scares me. I swore I'd never see 160 again, and that is too close for comfort.

I need help! What can I do to get myself back in the game? My head needs to be realigned. Any words of advice and encouragement are appreciated.


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6 Replies

  • Hi PotterBook

    You have done amazingly well to lose 52.6lbs, well done.

    Have a look in the Pinned posts section at the post "New Year Amnesty" the post helps you get into the right mindset. Why not join one of the February challenges to give you a kick start again.

  • 'Do I want to eat this more than I want to lose weight?' Ask yourself this question everytime you reach for something naughty. You know you can do it! And we're all here supporting you!

    Well done on the weight loss so far. You've done brilliantly, don't let one slip ruin it. You are still so close to your target!

  • Maybe make a list of all the reasons you started the journey. Are any of them still relevant? Is there a new reason to add? You are allowed to have a blip don't panic. When we panic we slip into the black and white thinking because I have put weight on I have failed so what is the point. Go into the grey area. My mind and body neeeded a rest now I can employ my tried and tested strategies to get back on track. Good luck 😀

  • Wow wow wow dont beat yourself up. You have done amazing. A little slip up .. But reward yourself on the good. You can do it. :-)

  • Hi, first of all, well done for losing that much weight in the first place. Mood seems to be playing a part in you slipping back to old ways, the time of year and weather doesn't help, we all seek comfort food at this time of year and are often not as active either. Try going back to basics, make a list of all the reasons you want to get back on track. Recheck your stats -

    Start calorie counting again and weighing portions, set yourself a mini goal and plan a reward for reaching it.

    Make a point of going for a brisk walk everyday to get the feel good factor and hopefully renew your enthusiasm for getting healthier, fitter and slimmer.

    Good luck, let us know how you get on.

  • we all slip from time to time, its called being human. The trick is to say right I've had a slip up now it's time to get back on track. You've proved to yourself you know how to do it, so just do it.

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