I need to whinge

Like alot of people here lm not new to trying to loose weight, that t''shirt has been worn out, and ranged from size 22 to size 14 (although that one was too brief to get worn out!).

But since September last year l have tried to adopt a sensible healthy attitude to loosing weight, so during this period l went on holiday, enjoyed some naughty goodies and put on 5lbs. Got back on the straight and narrow and got it back off. Same over Xmas, 5lbs gained and lost again. You can see theres a pattern here😂. But lv been really pleased that lv got straight back to what l should be doing to achieve a sensible weight and not throw the towel in as l have so many times before and have now lost 2 1/2 stones.

But despite being 'good' all week l had a day off. I went out for sunday lunch, didn't have the potatoes, only the veg and lean beef but did have the fruit crumble and one scoop of icecream. I didn't even have a glass of wine. 😇 By 7pm l was starving as lm not used to having main meal at lunchtime. So l had one sandwich and some leftover icecream from Xmas thats now gone. So yes l had a naughty day but nothing toooo horrendous l thought.

Why l felt the need to get on the scales this morning l haven't got a clue but l did. 3LBS ON!!!!!!!

Im suprised the scales didn't go through the window, or me to disolve into tears. My head was saying 'its not proper weight, its just your body reacting to the fat/carbs etc that its not used to'. My heart and sole were screaming something unrepeatable.

I know if lm sensible it will sort itself out but dear lord mother nature can be cruel sometimes.

Moan over, pplease forgive my indulgence on both levels.


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14 Replies

  • And breathe... you can do this. My body is the same. Because I don't eat carbs (apart from fruit and veg) generally, in the couple of occasions I have had pots or rice my body grabs it and I put on in the scales but it comes straight back off the next day or so. Don't worry, you know what to eat to lose and gain! Easy (I wish)

  • Love you! Thanks a lot. Xx

  • It will help if your sensible, healthy attitude is in keeping with what your body needs. The body uses twice as much energy in the form of fat compared to carbohydrate. If you eat a high carbohydrate diet for example, a significant amount will be turned to fat for burning or storage. Eating natural fat instead will reduce the amount of insulin available to store the fat.

    In addition you will get much needed, fat-soluble vitamins that prevent you becoming depleted thus deterring a rebound later.

  • What source of natural fat do you suggest please? My carbs are from porridge oats, and on working week l do have slow release breakfast biscuits as quite often l don't get an actual break as lm driving between patients. Rest of day it's veg and meat for two remaining meals plus a yoghurt in evening. Should I alter/add anything?

  • How long is your shift, and do you work regular hours? I ask because your glycogen (carbohydrate) stores should be replenished during sleep. If you get 40g of low Gi carbs at each of three meals you won't need biscuits between patients. Think of it in terms of using your body's reserves; the purpose of your meals is to put back what has been used and stop your glycogen running out, not a new source of energy.

    Keep your meat portions small too. The recommendations for protein are only 45g per day for a woman, 56g for a man, and an excess is easily turned to glucose; more carbohydrate, only this time with harmful side-products.

    Pick the foods you enjoy of course; natural fat includes any fat from something living recently that has been minimally processed. Examples are nuts, avocado, olive oil, coconut, the fat on your meat, crackling, full-fat dairy, eggs, lard, beef dripping, duck/goose fat... aiming for a 60:40 split of mono-unsaturated to saturated, similar to your body's own body-fat ratio.

    Is your yoghurt natural, whole-milk yoghurt, or low-fat, fruit yoghurt that spikes your hormones?

  • Im afraid its the latter on the yoghurt. Will take on board all your advice and will do my best to put it into practice. I do a 7hr shift and really can't face breakfast at 6.15am, l have tried. Will try fruit as 'breakfast' then to ease off on the breakfast carbohydrates. Thank you again.

  • Let us know how you get on.

    One or two pieces of fruit per day is fine; more than that, go for ones with a higher starch/lower sugar content like bananas that are still slightly green or preservative-free dried apricots.

    Remember balance is as important; have some nuts, cheese or a whole milk drink for instance for the small amount of protein (its satiating value shouldn't be underestimated), and fat to slow digestion.

    I know what you mean about early breakfasts. I never saw myself as having breakfast around 4:30 in a morning, but when I'm on earlies I usually have a smoothie with berries, whole milk and greens, along with some whipped double cream or cheese, and some carbs such as sweet potato or oatcakes. I'm not hungry before I eat it, and I go through to the end of an eight hour shift without getting hungry. It's just to spread my nutrient intake over the day, so I don't have too many carbs at a time for instance, but I enjoy what I eat of course.

  • Thank you for all your advice it has been very interesting.

  • It could mainly be water retention and or slight constipation due to eating different food?

    I used to be like that most Mondays so I'm glad to now have a Wednesday weigh in 🙂

    Hope it comes off quickly 😊

  • Thank you for your advice. I will let you know.

  • How often I have been there. Really enjoyed your moan. I always think that the scales aren't everything and you are clearly sticking to your healthy eating regime so a blow out caught you out but you will pull it back - you have proved that you can do it which is great.

    Congratulations for all of your progress to date.

  • Thank you sweetheart.

  • Please remind yourself that if you eat a big and/or starchy meal after you;ve been cutting down, you will have both the weight of the actual food, plus extra water (as your body needs to hold fluid to process carbs). This is what is showing up on the scales the day after. As neither of these are fat, if you get back on your diet, it should have no longterm effect on your real weight.

    You can try an experiment with yourself. Next time you weigh yourself, get off the scales, drink a big glass of water, and climb back on. The needle will very likely go up, but obviously you haven't got any fatter.

  • Thank you for your help. It really is very good common sense. The body is an amazing bit of kit, its just a shame occasionally our brain screws it up a bit. Back on the right track again now. 😇

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