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shedding the weight or something serious

stopped smoking piled on the weight on 20th jan 17 my weight had shot up to 18st 4lb .so my gp suggested i enroled in the gymn . this i did and decided to diet .eating plenty of salads and fish items today i have just weighed myself i stand at 16st 2lbs .should i be concerned about this dramatic loss only go to the gymn 2 hours per week .

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It is a lot to lose in a few weeks! You don't want to lose weight too fast continuously - but well done as you're clearly making a serious change to your life style and eating habits! :)

I'd be concerned you're not eating enough due to how quickly you're dropping the weight but it depends how badly you were eating before.

When is your next doctors appointment? :) maybe take a food diary with you and ask them to check it.or even just let people here know what you eat in a daybed I'm sure people will be able to give better advice.

As much as losing weight is amazing, you don't want to make yourself unwell and you don't want it to be unsustainable either! :)


You have lost nearly 2 stone in less than 2 months. I lost 2 stone in 2 months and I weigh more than you so it is possible. It might be that the scales are different or clothes or time of day so I wouldn't worry, weigh loss can be different for everybody. Personally I have lost it fast - 4 1/2 stone since middle of September. As long as you aren't feeling hungry and are getting a good range of nutrients I would feel happy! It's always worth checking with doctor as I am not qualified to say really.


Hi parry1956.

I can only echo what the others have already said. If you're at all concerned, see your GP.

However as long as you're eating enough calories, you should be fine. Check your allowance here nhs.uk/tools/pages/healthyw...

I lost 3 1/2 stone in 3 months, which is quite quick, but I was breastfeeding and running around after 3 young children, so that probably banked me loads of extra calories. I think everyone is different.

Best of luck ☘


Hello, I think if you feel OK - don't feel light-headed, faint or weak - then I can't see any need to worry. At your starting weight you will have lost a lot of water, which weighs heavy, so early weigh-ins can show dramatic results. As you get down to the business of shifting fat week by week, you'll find it slows down to 2lb or so a week.

2 hours in the gym is pretty good, by the way!


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