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Progressing very slowly

I have been writing posts for the last four weeks but this is my first time on the weigh-in post. Weight today 13st 4lbs, alas the same as last week, during the week my average calories have increased, on medical advice, by 450 to 1800 a day. Last week I started a 10-week supervised exercise programme. I am now hopeful that the downward trend will restart. My goal is 11st 6lb

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Hi Bighi, this isn't the weigh-in thread, you need to go to Events, which is on the right of the home page, bottom of the home page, if using a mobile :)


Hello, not knowing your height and sex, it's hard to say why the weight might be coming off slowly, but 1800 cals is quite a high allowance for someone of 13stone 4lbs, in my opinion, especially a woman. Obviously if it's medical advice it's best to stick to it, and accept that the rate of loss might be slower than you'd like, but slow and steady can still win the race.

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Thank you MEBXYZ. I am a 78 year old male approx 1.67 metres. I understand your suggestion and will be discussing it with my advisor and GP when I next meet them. Maybe I am trying to move too fast but time will tell.


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