Needing motivation

So have just got back off holiday, although spent every day walking around and keeping active, my eating habits were not the best.. that on top of my birthday last week I am just struggling to get back into it. Scared to weigh myself now, having lost a stone I am worried about the outcome. But looking forward to getting back to it this week :D Hope you all have had a great week.


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6 Replies

  • Hi. I think it is best to just weigh yourself, write it down and then work on losing the weight. If you don't know the starting weight you won't know when to feel proud! Good luck, it probably isn't too bad. Hope your holiday was good!

  • Yeah it's probably best. Will weigh myself Monday morning after the gym tomorrow! Haha, thank you :)

  • Go for it . I'd do a morning weigh in, think what a great holiday I had been on, then get back on the straight and narrow :-)

  • Thank you. Sounds like a plan :)

  • You might be surprised. If you kept active you'll probably find you didn't put on as much as you think. How do your clothes feel? Good luck with getting stuck in again!

  • Yeah that's what I'm hoping, looking forward to get back to it! I've only had 1 week off so it can't be that bad!

    Thank you

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