In the 11's :D :D

Hi guys, still going strong and reached another goal (the 11's) to be precise 11st 12.8lbs that is another 1.4lbs loss this week (1lb last week also) so my total loss now stands at 7st 13.2lbs, nearing the 8st loss, "i can smell it", well its defiantly on-wards and downwards for me, well starting at 19st 12lbs i didn't think it was possible to do so well, but this time round is different but perfect, as i've learnt so much and i'm so determined and motivated to see this through the end and complete the journey i started "Failure is not an option"

Best of luck, hope your all seeing losses on the scales :)


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39 Replies

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  • Wow amazing! you must feel like a different person and just goes to show that with will power you can get where you want to be.

    The 11's fantastic and getting ready for the summer, new wardrobe I would think.πŸ‘

    I feel the same failure is no option at all. Enjoy your weekend hope all your family are proud of you ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Best wishes Bev

  • yes i defiantly do, still some way to go, but i will soon get there, and yes failure is defiantly not an option for us this time around.

    and yes have a good weekend too, and yes family know and are starting to notice more, but then the comments of, your to thin start, lol ive never been thin :D

    Best Wishes Ryan

  • Just get to the place you feel comfortable with for your height etc.

    Then the maintaining starts and I would imagine that's where it gets tricky and easy to fall off the wagon.

  • exactly, i think its different for those around me seeing me change, and there stuck, ideal weight for my height/age is 9st 7lbs - 12st 12lbs so in there but not where i wanna be, and yes the maintaining may be the tricky bit, but im ready to work at it :)

  • That's amazing! What a massive amount you have lost. What dress size are you now? You are an inspiration to me. I was 23, not 18 stone 8 so a very long way to go but I know this time I will why there. Well done πŸ†

  • Thanks ella, dress size?, being male i dont wear them :D lol , waist started at 38/40 now size 32, from XL in shirts to M/S, well done on losing your 4st and yes with determination you will defiantly succeed :)

    Best Wishes Ryan

  • Sorry, I didn't realise that! Most people seem to be female on here. That's a big waist difference. Well done.

  • no worries ella, made me giggle aha, and yes big difference :)

  • Thanks so much Ellamidlands & rj95 I am in stitches here with laughter so much needed guy's. I lost my dear Mum Christmas Night & haven’t had a lot to laugh at. Thanks so much honestly.

  • Good on you I only hope I can do as well

  • Thank you, nightmare1, anything is possible, well done on your 7lbs badge :)

  • Well done , what a great feeling !!

  • it defiantly is kdish, Thank you :)

  • Hi rjay95 another fantastic post and loss. Well, well done! πŸ‘πŸŽ‰

  • Hi isou, and thank you, im getting there :)

  • Its all been said but well done anyway. That's brilliant!

  • Thank you ewillday :)

  • That's fantastic rjay95 well done :)

  • Thank you :)

  • as always a big WOW WOW from me.. it must be so nice to see that 11st on the scales.. how much do you still need to lose ? as a man I expect you don't have that much more before your at target ! x

  • As always thank you Claz :) and yes it defiantly is have not been in the 11's probally since i was 11years old, i'm 22 this year, ideal weight for my stats is 9st 7lbs - 12st 12lbs, honestly i have not set a target weight just when it feels right, around 10st would be fab though :D

  • good for you.. only you know what feels right for you and not some chart that tells u xx

  • Wow Rjay95,

    That is brilliant news! Congratulations!!!

    Zest :-)

  • Thank you Zest :D

  • Wow, that's truly AMAZING! :D :D :D You've lost like...totally a whole person in weight! :P That's incredible!!! :D :D Simply OUTSTANDING!!!!! β™₯

  • Thank you Sazkia for the kind words, i do like a visual and in comparison it is a lot of weight, but im not done yet, Onwards and Downwards :D

  • Fantastic rjay95 😊😊😊 just brilliant, you are doing so well 😊

  • Thank you Anna :)

  • Well done ...I take my hat off to you ..that's a lot of weight loss ...congratulations 😊

  • it sure is, Thank you Layne-mia :)

  • Well done u are really doing well 😊

  • Thank you :)

  • Wow, fantastic achievement to date. I hope to get back to the 11's next week. I made it before Christmas, but since then, seem to have struggled a little. Last 2 weeks been better and a little more determined this week! Well done again!

  • Thank you drpeterb, you'll be there in no time, last time i was in the 11's i was probably 11years old im nearly 22, been along time lol :D

  • rjay95 that is amazing! You've lost a whole person. You must feel and look like a totally different person. Are there photos?

  • Thank you Grannynise, yes i have and still some-more to lose, yes i feel a lot better, and people that know me can notice, so win-win, and photos,im a camara dodger aha, have managed to find a pic though of me at my heaviest, i look like a bloated alien :D i think nearer june (when i lost more weight) i'll do a before and after, look out for that :)

  • Wow. That's amazing. Very well done. You're an inspiration.

  • Thank you Mildred :)

  • Wow fantastic achievement πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ😊

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