I was so fit now I'm not - URGHHH. Yoyo dieters stuck in a rut 😢

In 2012 I lost 5 stone I was doing 12 Zumba classes a week c25k 3 times a week gym 2-3 times a week and walking 2 hours a day several times a week I had my own business so had time.

Roll on 2014 I damaged my ligament in my calve then I just got so frustrated at the pain the exercise went

2015 a miscarriage then I got pregnant immediately but had hemorghing - 3 months soild bedrest then sepsis 5 month pregnancy baby loss intensive care then 2 months later more hemoraghing I had 9 blood transfusions and 2 placelet transfusions in 3 months

2016 I lost 4&1/2 stone walked loads did some HiiT on treadmill but I was so tired

I got really ill viruses 6 week cough I stupidly gained 33 of the 63lbs back boooooohoo

So now I'm yoyoing so weightloss for a while lose then stop and gain I'm not sure why I can't get my head into the game ... I'm really tired and need 2.5 stones off I know it will be 3-4 stones soon if I don't kick myself up the ass

I think it's as I did meal replacements and lost 3lbs most weeks and on calorie counting I only lose .5-1lbs most weeks which I know is best but I get frustrated 29 years yoyoing has messed me up

I'm thinking a gastric band maybe my answer I seem to yoyo every year :(

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  • Hi Lawman17, I totally admire your dedication to keep fit, when you're doing it. The nature of life in general is that there are going to be hurdles and you've definitely had a few get between you and your keep fit.

    When you stop exercising (for whatever reason) your calorie intake must be too high. You probably need to take a holistic approach... you have impressive will power to do all that exercising and if you could harness that to manage the number of calories you consume, I'd expect the yoyoing to start leveling out. Of course, when you're exercising to that level then you need additional cals but they need to be dialed back when not.

    Sure, all easier said then done. I wish you all the best!

  • Thankyou

    No my yoyoing is 29 years and it's down to how harsh life has treated me

    I need to stop all or nothing rut

    Thankyou :)

  • Hi, you have had a really tough time I am sorry to hear. You have done loads of exercise - your body probably got used to that and expects it. Mine expects me not to move so is pleased when I do! I think diet contributes more to weight loss than exercise so I would probably look more at what you eat. If you are doing lots of exercise and not losing weight then you must be eating too many calories so I would look at this - perhaps with a food diary. Good luck 🤞

  • Yeah very true

    I know exercise takes off lots inches and makes us feel good though

    Thank you :)

  • Hi Lawman17 i think one way to stop this continuing is to maybe weigh yourself at least once a month when you have reached your ideal weight then you should be able to stop getting out of hand before they even do and this should stop the yoyoing. Also, don't forget that all these diets that help you lose more weight every week than calorie counting are mostly the types that just make you put all the weight back on once you stop just to make you keep going back to them all the time. I know when I reach my favourite weight I will still look at how many calories I have every day because I am struggling now to eat enough calories and don't want to yoyo. That is how I see this, a change of life, not a diet at all. I never ate enough calories and now I always will.

  • I e lost lots weight with lots diets calories the main ones

    You gain with any plan if you don't stick with it sadly

    If I weigh once a month on calories I wouldn't know if I've the right amount intake to lose weight as calories are very hit and miss finding the right amount without starving

    Thankyou for reply

  • Reading in between the lines and your dustressing story i think you seem unhappy with life and who could blame you the cruel hand youve been dealt but its good you've now made it on to hear where you will be offered a helping hand. Any loss is good so be pleaded with that try writing a food diary and analys your findings and adjut your diet accordingly. The best way for a yoyo dieter is to think this is not a diet its my new way of life healthy eating and exercise for health and hopefully by taking the title diet away you can change your mindset. Wishing you every success

  • Thankyou

    I have done that several times tbh I've probably done most things except Gastic survey to lose weight

    I've probably lost and gained 50 + stones in my adult life in chunks

    I just can't seem to get my head around it this time

  • Hi I have to agree with lyturt. You can only maintain weight loss on a diet if you stay on it for life otherwise it won't work. What many people do it take it to extremes saying unless they do that they won't stick to it or lose any weight. What invariably happens is that after a week or 2 you are so hungry you give in and go back to square 1. Because you have been starving yourself your metabolism has slowed down so you put even more weight back on. This can lead to a life of yo-yo dieting. There is no need to starve yourself or go hungry to lose weight - you need to change your whole eating pattern. Many foods have few calories in them so you can fill up on these like vegetables and most fruit.

    You need to grill rather than fry unless you are using something like frylite.

    I don't admire all the exercise you have been doing because I think it became an addiction for you. This is common because of the endorphins you get from it.. I think your exercise in the past was excessive and all you will do is cause joint and muscle problems when you are older. To get the optimum result from exercise you need to do it to a level where you can talk but are too breathless to sing. Any less and you aren't getting the full benefit, any more and it could put you off doing it and you won't get better results doing it anyway.

    Everything in moderation is always the best option. I have a friend who was 22 stone plus and she was offered gastric surgery on the NHS. She rejected it because of all the loose skin she would end up with. Ok the NHS would deal with that but she would have had to wait several years until it had stopped growing. She is now healthily eating and is down to 17 stone. x

  • Oh meant to say too that the all or nothing approach doesn't work unless you have cast iron determination on the long term. Maybe it would help you to seek some counselling to deal with any issues you have? Then you may be able to break this pattern, x

  • Lawman17 i had a gastric band and it was a disaster i had it removed and a gadtric bypass for health reasons. Its not an easy option because you can still put weight on by not eating the right foods. You have to go through many hoops before its offered but you can always discuss the option with your GP. It gave me focus i lost my way before Christmas due to personal circumstances and put on one and a half stone so it may restrict your intake but doesnt get rid of the tendency for emotional eating

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