Treat suggestions (non food related for your weight loss)

What treats have you given or hope to give yourself for losing xyz amount of weight?

I have started a money jar and once I reach my

1 stone loss I am treating myself to a professional manicure

2 stone loss treat will be a neck shoulder and back massage

What little treats have you given yourself or plan to give yourself?


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21 Replies

  • Well actually, when I mark my 2nd stone lost, I have promised myself a full English breakfast.... (One contributing factor to why I am in this overweight state now). I really yearn for one! .......

  • I try not to give myself food treat for weight loss, however saying that I don't forbid myself any food either :)

    For example for breakfast this morning I had 1 boiled egg, slice of danish bread toasted, 4 cherry tomatoes and the biggie 2 sausages :) but it is all counted for and will be part of the calorie intake for the day :)

    Depriving you of certain foods doesn't bode good in my opinion as it is then those that you crave.

    You can have your full English but instead of fry grill bacon and sausages, have a boiled egg or fry in once cal, have toast rather than fried bread :)

    These little alterations will mean you can have your breakfast, make sure you calorie count all items, and will help you continue on a healthier way of life that you can maintain even when you have got to your ideal weight :)

    Hope that has given you some ideas to help stop your cravings :)

  • Lovely - thanks for your support (and understanding!)

  • I've always found the weight loss itself to be a good enough treat for me and fitting into the clothes in my wardrobe, that have been gathering dust for years :)

  • I am needing a wee motivator today

  • I replaced my larger ones!

  • Agree! I am now able to access my clothes that have been hanging there patiently for me to get my act together. Lovely feeling wearing them again!

  • Love this idea!

  • Hi, I have bought myself massages and facial and my husband bought me a Lulu Guinness make up bag for one stone and a trip to the theatre for another. My mum is buying me an 'outfit' this week to celebrate 4 stone. Would you say an outfit includes a bag and shoes?? lol I might try and get some new knickers out of her as mine are falling down but shoes and bag still fit ok!

  • EllaMidlands ooo outfit sounds great - I would say shoes and bag is deffo part of the outfit as no point have a great new dress etc and not the shoes and bag to go with it :)

  • Well fitting undies show a new outfit to its best advantage, so new 'nick naks' needed! 😆

  • I am just looking forward at spending the money on getting a full new wardrobe in the smaller sizes as I know it will be a completely different style because different clothes will suit me instead. Also it will help me when I do need the clothing as I won't have to search for the money because I have saved a lot of it up already!

  • I bought new pj's for my first two 5kg losses. I asked for badges! The 2,5 kgs meant something new for exercising. My next goal is a fitbit.

    And I throw out all my fat clothes. For me it is like fitting into a new skin and also fitting into. my old skin. I was meant to look fit and healthy. Obesity doesn't suit me. This is my rewards and every day I enjoy them.

  • Oh, I also try to stop rewarding my children with food or making them feel better through something to eat. I do give them treats but not for rewards.

  • Fitbit - I love my fitbit well worth the money - I do challenges with work colleagues too (tell you what until I got my fitbit I would let anyone that offered go to the mail room for me - now I am first to say 'Just off to mail room will pick up mail for everyone' lol 3 flights of stairs and approx 800 steps it all adds up :) )

  • I'm looking forwards to buying a summer frock. I usually wear jeans all the time but by June I will have a waistline again. I may also treat myself to a spray-tan for the first time in my life as I'm quite shy about showing off my legs.

  • Last year it was such a joy to buy new summer clothes 2 sizes smaller,wore shorts for the first time in years! Still on track for them fitting this year too and looking forward to some warmer weather. Good luck it's all worth it :)

  • I think jewellery can be lovely, I love earrings, oh and lovely underwear, if only the cat and I see it!

  • Before I started my weight loss journey I decided to mark every 2.5kg loss. Everything was decided in advance to keep me focused and motivated.

    So far I have achieved - new socks, hiking boots, fleece, running trainers & start c25k, join yoga class, waterproof hiking trousers.

    To come - full day swimming workshop, new touring bike (that will be goal weight, 60kg)

    I will also set some rewards for sustained weight loss and continued fitness. A vivoactive might find its way onto that list.

    Not sure I would class it as a reward but I will also enter my 1st parkrun just after i complete c25k.

  • I just had a haircut at my halfway point. And i have a proper bra fitting with new bras for goal weight. I'm also planning a massage for 2 stone. Yet to decide on a 2.5 stone prize but if I'm feeling brave it might be a bikini. Unimaginable right now - but that's a stone away so I might feel differently then!! I want to choose an easter survival reward too - goal to maintain over easter - not sure what yet!! I'm a fan of rewards, as you can tell!!

  • Hi i am having a restyle of my hair when i reach 10 stone which should not be long as just another pound to loose

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