There are cruel forces at work

Morning all,

This could be paranoia but I've noticed through my life that there appears to be a correlation between getting off my backside and trying to improve things and an increase in things trying to knock me backwards.


Fix a few niggly things on car = major part of car fails

Start a keep fit regime = contract ebola or something similar

This morning I've got up to force myself into my second bike ride = snowing outside ('un'lucky if it snows down here once during the winter).

I shake my fist at the malevolent beast that does these things. I'm going anyway.

Life's a laugh and then you die :) :) :)


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13 Replies

  • I think it's known as "Sod's Law" :-) Have a good bike ride !

  • Don't let the so-and-so's grind you down, ewillday! ;)

    Enjoy your bike ride in the snow :)

  • One of my favourite latin phrases (lol... I don't have many) ...

    "Illegitimi non carborundum" :)

    My other one was "usque ad mortum bidendum", which was the motto of a frequented pub chain in London. The chain is now defunct and now I'm going to have to shelve that quote as well methinks.

  • Very true. Make the most of the good times, whatever your weight, life's a roller coaster!

  • i admire your resilience in the face of adversity Tiggerr. Don't let the beast beat you down. Hope you enjoyed the ride. We drove to Surrey in a flurry of snow yesterday but thankfully nothing has settled. Have a good weekend.🚴

  • Without challenges, life would be boring. Enjoy the snow!

  • You've describef my life. We tried to turn over the soil in our garden to try to lay a lawn and found massive surface tree roots, over 40 rubble bags worth of bricks and glass and then at the bottom of that a broken concrete air raid shelter. Still no lawn... Also repaired brakes and replaced tyres on my bike and now the gear cable's going and I suspect chain needs replacing. Perhaps should have just bought a new bike ;) Enjoy your snowy bike ride :)

  • :) Wow! Seriously good luck sent your way. Still, that must be some workout (silver lining and all that).

    I've just plugged my route online into "MapOMeter". It alleges I used up 414 cals. I'm blown away if that's true. My leg muscles have gone to jelly and feet were frozen (note to self... invest in waterproof footwear - DOH!) but I'm buzzing.

    Anyway, off to carry on the decorating that I started earlier. Have a good w/e.

  • You deserve to lose weight Tiggerr with all this work you're doing. Well done 👍👍 have a good weekend

  • Like you, I need to do a workout of exercises that take 45 mins to keep my lungs clear, because I have emphysema (stopped smoking 1990), ideally do them before brek, Ive been doing them since 1998, practically daily, but last few months, its a battle, so after texting this to you, I have a nasty cold and cough not helped by ignoring a fact of life, their are no choices re exercises - if I stop - that's it, if you get my drift, so after texting you, I'm going to pep talk myself to go through my routine NOW, which has to be top of my todo mind list, even if I achieve nothing else from the job list/plan. its good to text :)

  • Hey ary88, I didn't know what emphysema was so I've just been reading up on it. That is some struggle you have to deal with there and a long time that you've been battling. I can see how it could be demoralising when you also get a cough and cold.

    Have you had the cold and cough for the past few months or is there another reason why doing your exercises has become a battle in that time?

    You sound like you're remotivating yourself which is great and I wish you all the best in that.

  • Some other "sod's law" diet-sappers are:

    - making my delicious calorie-counted packed lunch, and then leaving it on the kitchen worktop when I go off to work;

    - remembering to take my delicious calorie-counted packed lunch with me, and then discovering at the office that it has leaked all over the inside of my bag;

    - being absolutely determined to stick to the diet today, and then discovering it's someone's birthday at work.....;

    - being absolutely determined etc. and then winning a box of chocs in a raffle (this has really happened to me!)

    - dragging myself to the gym after a hard day at the office, and then finding I've not actually packed my kit!

  • That is one awesome list and I feel for you.

    I hate being beaten ;) so I'm trying to match you. If you look at a recent post (about 3 hours ago) called "I am a prophet" you might have a giggle.

    Good luck :)

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