As a newbie starting to seriously look at what my eating habits have been and why I am where I am (ie wanting to loose weight) I wanted to share something I have quickly realised about. I don't know how I've not seen this earlier, basically up until now I was having very little and rushed breakfast, no mid morning snack, a light meal, no fruit, no afternoon snack, then of course I would end up cooking a meal in the evening and because I was absolutely starving to the point of not being able to think straight I would have lots of different snacks while I cook, and then on top the cooked meal...what was I thinking about? that is never going to work well...! sorry for the long story 😊...

So I am trying now to pay breakfast the attention it deserves and adding mid morning and mid afternoon snacks. Last week I managed to have all my snacks and I managed to loose 0.5kg and didn't feel that horrible "I could eat anything" feeling.

Not eating much during the day had become such a habit for me that I keep forgetting to have my snacks specially if I am at work, and I can sew how those days I have fallen off the wagon a bit...

So in short the lesson I have learnt: snacks are important...

I hope this can help anyone that hasn't realised about this either (still can't believe how I've not seen this before!)


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8 Replies

  • I definitely agree with you Salud-forgood in fact I have been struggling to reach my calorie intake somedays so have added in a good snack in the day time- seems to be helping 😀

  • If I don't have a snack around 4pm, then by the time I get in from work at 6pm, I'm ready to eat anything!

  • A really good point Salud-forgood, my mental strength can be really poor at times and if there are sweet snacks available I can find it really tricky to avoid them. I do find that if I have a healthy snack nearby as a replacement then it makes it much easier (walking into the staff room eating an apple can actually deter me from the cake!)

    A good breakfast makes a huge difference too. 'Failing to prepare' and al that :-)

  • I fully agree with you Salud-forgood and know what you mean, I fully can't believe that I have always wanted to lose weight and hardly ever ate. I always could never understand why I hardly ever ate and was always one of the fattest in the family. I always felt like the world was against me, because I have epilepsy and this is uncontrolled and it also affects my memory too. I found out on here that not having enough calories affects your weight and I am getting happier all the time that I am eating more than ever and actually losing weight. I can't believe it! The last few weeks although my memory is not yet back to normal and probably never will be because this is one of the issues where my epilepsy also effects it I do find it not being quite as bad as before because I am finding I can remember things a bit more from the last few weeks.

  • This forum is definitely helping me to learn a few things, I hope you are able to control your epilepsy soon, I am sure your efforts to have a more balanced diet will help towards your general health 😊

  • Paying due attention to your meals will prevent the need for snacks, allowing you to draw on your body-fat reserves as intended.

  • Like you I find it amazing that eating more is the means to losing weight.. I have been a 1 or 2 meals a day kinda girl... Eating 3 times a day every day is still a challenge! But it's quite nice at the end of each day to achieve the goals.

    Wishing you great success with your goals.

  • Yes this is something I wasn't expecting at all, good luck too you too 😊

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