Trying to get back on my feet

Hi everyone. I've been absent for 2 weeks. I went away for a week and followed everyone's advice, with just a minimal gain. But then for some reason have completely lost it since!! 😭 I tried so hard making great choices eating out, and then just eaten like a binge eater since. What the heck??!! Any psychology behind that??!! I have been pretty unwell and under pressure at work. But still. I'm almost the same weight as when I started. Way off target, demoralised and feeling like I can't do this. But I need to do it. So any butt kicking is welcome! Things I know that have changed are

Less accountability (home alone!)

Not tracking on myfitnessspal

Not exercising due to bad asthma

Tired/lacking time after work

Celebrating with food

Seeing a wellness & weight guidance NHS person and then telling me they'd get me started on a plan, and then not getting in touch since = I feel 'off plan'!!


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  • Also I do know where I'm going wrong. Same as always - white/processed carbs, refined sugar, portion size, alcohol. My 4 biggest failings! As soon as I allow those 4 (or even one or two) to get out of place, I'm lost! Slippery slope of sugar addiction! Plus it makes my asthma worse, increases gastric reflux and digestive/ stomach pains. So why the heck do I 'indulge' in such a stupid way?!

  • They sound like my downfalls too!!

    I so wish I knew the answer to why we sabotage ourselves, it's something I am constantly doing to myself.

    I only joined here yesterday but the motivation & encouragement is fab. Immerse yourself in it & get inspired all over again. Positive thinking as you know you can do it & keep those thoughts of feeling crappy with reflux etc in your mind to try & stop binges. Again, these are the methods I am trying!!

    I've kept myself fairly healthy today but still indulged in 3 malted milks 🙈😬 Calories did allow & I can't cope with complete cold turkey from sweet things! Moderation!!

    Good luck 😉

  • Thank you. Xxxx

  • Oh dear - it's a shame you have given in to temptation. Kick kick, that's the butt kicking over. Now what are you going to do differently tomorrow to get you back on track. Do you have any junk in your house? Do you have good stuff around or do you need to go shopping?

  • Thank you! I need to make a meal plan and go shopping. I need to believe I can succeed.

  • Its really hard when you go off plan and that adds to the bad feelings. Be kind to yourself - you CAN do this! Don't let a slip ruin your day/week. Draw a line and just aim for a better choice next time. I was on track and blew it myself this week. I had been unwell and in a bid to boost my mood/energy had some sweeter things that I hadn't even missed and suddenly I'm on a mission looking for sweet stuff! Distracted myself and am on track again - fingers crossed. It helped writing a food diary and thinking how is this making me feel :/ .Good luck!

  • You can definitely do it. Making a meal plan is a great idea. Avoid temptation when you go shopping. Good luck!

  • Thanks. Xx

  • hello Big hug

    Don't be too hard on yourself, we're all human and go of the track from time to time. Food and exercise wise the majority of us know what to do but the key I've found especially since I've been on here is to have a bigger focus on the staying healthy and having a possitive mindset.

    By no means am I perfect and we all have our down days but focusing too much on the down days leads you to (Or it did me) to spiral down MORE and eat more junk and comfort eat (and alcohol ) .

    Look ahead to summer days and focus now on what is good in your life today. Get the good basic healthy foods in. so your not reaching for junk also have one treat ☺ occasionally its good for us because what we're doing is changing our lifestyle and we're going to have celebration days in there.

    good luck xx

  • Yes. Thank you. Can't wait for summer. I need to use that as motivation- I was less of me for summer clothes!!

  • I know what you mean about the high GI foods really make me gain and also make me feel hungry. Try a week of really hearty low GI brown rice loads of veg brown bread, see if that kicks you back in line! 😀 Good luck

  • Yes indeed. Thank you

  • morning loosingit2017, don't be so hard on your self, your past two weeks have been pretty full on looking back on your posts. If your asthma has been bad that will have dragged you down as well. You have identified the problems, now to put them right. You can be 'accountable' to the forum when your home alone, if tracking helps you get back to it. Once your asthma is better you can start to exercise again. If you get a chance try and organise some meals for the freezer for the days you are lacking time and tired. Find other ways to celebrate, write a wish list of rewards. If you need to speak to that NHS person, can you contact them? You can do this, we are all here pulling you back on the weight loss wagon. onwards and downwards. Have a good weekend😀🌼

  • Thank you. That's a really helpful response. Started the day with a tasty breakfast at our favourite cafe and I'm tracking, so a step in right direction. Thanks!

  • Well done you😄

  • I think the key thing loosingit2017 is not to beat yourself up about your bad week, but to say to yourself, 'Ok, that was a bad week, but I'm starting afresh and I know what I need to do now". We all go off the rails from time to time - personally, I am now regretting the three glasses of wine, two Lindors and a choc 'n' nut Cornetto last night! Totally unnecessary and definitely undermining my February challenge. But today, I will make a new batch of yummy soup, and cut out the carbs, and hold myself to one glass of wine only (it is Saturday, after all). Or maybe I won't have that glass... hmm, that would be better!

    You have 'owned up' here and you're ready to go!

  • I do feel better for owning up and coming back here. The denial 'stick your head in the sand' approach just kills my mental health (as well as physical health!) thanks for all the support!

  • You are welcome - I love this forum!

  • You can do this don't worry about it. Just look at things from a different position. Why did u start things in the first place. Look at things like that all from the very start and push yourself to continue. There must have been a reason. Also do you make items from scratch or drink tea/coffee using sugar? Years ago I used to use two sugars in tea and now use sweeteners with zero calories. It is hard to start with. I even managed to cut down to one sweetener and now trying to cut down to none. I also used the sweetener sugar type pot which also helped. I ended up losing 3 stone and now find anything that is sweet a bit too sweet and don't enjoy it as much as I used to so hardly ever have it. I love it.

  • Never had sugar in drinks and only diet fuzzy drinks (although I've heard that can be as bad??) it's just me being greedy and stupid. The only empty calories are wine and sweets when I'm undisciplined. But other than that the downfall has been carbs, lack of exercise and medication that's making me gain!

  • Poor you , please don't despair .Tell yourself you are doing this for you ! I know its hard when we get ill I have just had a few weeks of it too and it knocks you right off the stot. Think positive small changes will make a difference , organise your self too ,get some good recipes things you like that can be made healthier if not and plan your main meals for 1 week ,set a wee exercise target even with Asthma you can do something a wee 15 mins walk or 3 x5 mins walks if it's so bad this is better than nothing and commit to do it every day at the same time ,even set a reminder if needed on your mobile . If you can do this for first week it may set you into a good mind set to then follow 12 week plan on here one week at a time. Its worth a try . What have you got to lose ?? Nothing !!

    Life chucks crap at us all the time ,but you cannot let it take over .

    Be brave and good luck ,Keep posting so i can see how you are getting on.


  • Thank you! My asthma has been awful. Have nebuliser at home which I'm using daily, on steroids and even struggled to climb the stairs tonight! It's rough. Thing is the asthma, wellbeing and weight all link in together. Got to start somewhere!

  • Hiya Loosing it,

    Like everyone else, I totally agree that you should not be beating yourself up over it. You are human and sound like you have been through a tough time. The main thing is you have realised early on that this is not the way you want to go and have asked for support so give yourself a massive pat on the back for that. The other thing to remember is that you will know what can get you off track and will be prepared when stress strikes again.

    Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and remember that tomorrow is a whole new day. Do you have any hobbies that you can occupy your mind with? Sewing, drawing etc? If you fancy something on your taboo list, do something else for 10 mins and take your mind off it.

    You can do it.

  • Thanks. Yes actually I've been wanting to restart some creative hobbies. I have all the stuff just need to make focused time for it. X

  • It sounds like you are all set there, then, loosingit2017 so I hope you have a very creative week. And I hope your breathing has eased up and you have been able to be a bit more active, but if you are still feeling very restricted, perhaps you could try a few sitting moves, to give your muscles a bit of a workout?

  • How are you feeling today Loosing it? I hope you are feeling more motivated and your life is running smoother.

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