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Week 4 weigh in

Week 3 I weighed 15st13

week 4 I weigh 15st11 & 1/4

I am happy with this, as I am going down at a steady rate. This coming week, I do not know if I will lose much, as it is going to be a packed week, and may not have much spare time to do much excersize but I will try.

This week I have continued to use my cycle machine and I am doing about 12k a day just on that. The past 2 days I have gone for a walk around, I know on Wednesday I did at least 12k, as I was playing pokemon go at the time and I had 1 10k egg on and after that hatched a 2k and both of them hatched. Yesterday, I did just a little less as my 2k egg did not hatch. These arent 100% accurate as at certain points, the game crashed or couldnt get a GPS signal or whatever, but it was just a guide.

Food wise, still continuing eating 3 meals a day, but I am drinking more water, as I read it helps. so I have been doing that.

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You are doing well! I'm going to get weighed tomorrow for the 2nd. Time. So hope I can mirror your results! Have a great weekend. G🍀


Thank you, you too

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I wouldn't worry too much about the reduced exercise as long as you keep within your calorie max. Good luck!


I have also been walking to hatch Pokémon eggs with my son! It's a bit addictive. My step count has gone through the roof since he discovered Pokemon Go!!!


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