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Feeling fantastic but tired today. I have found this week (week 4) that I am a lot more tired than normal. So far I have lost 8lbs, 2 inches off my waist and my next weigh in is Sunday. I am feeling fantastic today though as at last nights gp referral gym session I ran on the treadmill for the first time. It has always been my fear as I could just see me flying backwards across the gym. Last night I thought what the heck and nailed it. Now my goal is to build up the amount of time I run on it, I'm buzing. Had to share my triumph!

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Nice one! Great loss in such a short time and fantastic that you got up on that treadmill. No wonder you're buzzing.

Thank you for sharing.


Well done, that all sounds really positive, keep up the good work 🌼🌻


Hey lauraward86 thanks for sharing your triumph! Well done for the weight shed so far! And for trying the treadmill!

Have you thought about doing the C25K running programme? I started that and a healthy eating lifestyle at the beginning of Jan weighing 15:4. 60 seconds running was more than I could manage at first! I am now on Week 6 of the programme (25 min run to do today) and weight 14:8 as of Monday gone. Keep going...xx


I've always had a similar fear of the treadmill, which is why I use the cross trainer and the bike for cardio instead! People who use the treadmills successfully are awfully brave. Glad you're feeling so amazing! The endorphin rush the gym leaves you with is just lovely.

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