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Upping my calories

When I first started my weight loss journey, I used the NHS plan to determine how many calories I should eat each day. I seen '1,400kcal' for women and thought I will just do 1,200 to get even better results. Wrong.

I didn't struggle to eat that little but after doing more research I found this is the bare minimum of what you should eat, not the maximum :o

So today I have upped my calorie maximum to 1,500. My main goal is not only to lose weight but to gain muscle too, so depriving my body of all those macro nutrients isn't going to do it much good.

1,500 seems a lot compared to my usual and I am currently only at 1,000 right now and it's nearly 11pm. I think it is really important to keep re assessing to account for where you are now and not where you started (5kg heavier in my case).

Most importantly: listen to your body!! No one should feel starving or lethargic after weeks on your journey, this is something to enjoy and you shouldn't feel deprived :)

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I'm glad you've brought this point up, Aliii, because a lot of people fall into the trap of thinking that the less they eat, the more they'll lose, which is totally incorrect and completely unsustainable.

Firstly, the 1400 calories advised by the 12 week plan, is a generic amount and completely wrong for most women, as is the 1900 advised for men. Everybody should put their details into the BM calculator, to get an allowance that's correct for them, personally.

Bearing in mind that as we shrink, so does our allowance, it makes sense to start at the highest amount possible, whilst still losing weight, or by the end of your journey, you'll either be reduced to a miniscule amount of food, or not be able to lose all the weight you're wanting to.

For a more detailed explanation of why it's important to eat enough, I suggest everybody reads this


Well done for taking steps to nourish your body correctly and good luck for the rest of your journey :)


I am fascinated by this whole idea of eating more to lose weight and will follow the link above whist indulging in a lovely cup of Lady grey tea, no milk of course.


I fully agree with moreless on this because I used to hardly eat before last year when I joined this site. I wasn't deliberately starving myself I was never a big eater, although at times when I was on a diet I was making myself just eat a little less to lose weight. This is what I love about this site. It is the first place I have ever tried losing weight through that have informed me about the fact that losing weight works by not eating less food. I now eat more and lose weight. I still struggle at times to eat enough calories but I can still get there just about. Good luck with this. X


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