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Another New Day

Greetings, after starting off on a positive note, wanting to begin my day on a healthy kick, I ended up in hospital having an x-ray to find I had fluid on my left ankle which made my foot swell and was very painful too. However onwards and upwards.

Who am I? I am a single parent mother and grandmother who has a grown up my daughter who is 28 years old with my grandson who is 4 years old. My daughter, her partner and my grandson do not live far from me. When I am not working or doing charity work, I spend some time with my family however, I have come to my midlife crisis and realised that my health needs to improve if I want to take my daughter down the isle or see my grandson grow up. Certain health issues as come up which are like warning signs and I have only started to pay attention to them now but I know a little of what I should be doing e.g. Exercise regular, eat healthy, relax more but I lack motivation. Any suggestions?

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Well one for at least finally taking notice of what needs to be done that is a great first step. Make sure that anytime you feel like you are going to give up with your weight loss you always look back at this for it to remind you of the reasons that you are doing this in the first place. This site has given me all the motivation I need to keep going and I have now been here since around November. It is the best place I have tried losing weight with because I have actually lost weight without struggle and I don't look at it really as a diet I look at it as a change in how I do things for life. I certainly am not planning on going back to how I was. If you have any sugars in things like tea or cereals maybe you should look at swapping this for sweeteners that have no calories in them. I done this about 10years after a friend suggested it to me and I lost 3 stone and wasn't even properly on a diet. I used to have two sugars in tea and at first I had to have 3 sweeteners and couldn't wait to gradually cut it down to 2 because I felt disgusted that I was having to put what I felt like was more. It didn't take long to get used to this and then I cut it down to 1 pretty easy too. Try it if you can.

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