5 Years

5 Years

These photos are 5 years apart. 5 years ago I was a very different woman. I was 23st 7lbs. I was nothing. Unraveled to non-existence by a chain of events in my life that I felt I had no control over. An emotionally abusive relationship and my past experiences had lead me to believe that I was truly worthless. I slept on the sofa because my sleep wasn't as essential, I ate cheap food because my health wasn't essential, I didn't even buy myself pants and socks because I could function without them. I was truly broken. Then something happened, to anyone looking in what happened would be devastating. 2 and 1/2 years ago my husband made me homeless and bankrupt with my 3 year old daughter. It was the making of me. Slowly and with all the help I could get I became to see who I really was. It was like unwrapping a gift and I began to look after myself. Without really trying I got to 22st 10lbs and realised I could now take this time for me and reclaim my body. I'm now 19st 11.5lbs. So this pic is symbolic for me. 3st 9.5lbs between them. Happier than I've ever been. Can't get over the difference. Everyone should know they are worth the hardwork it takes to get to the goals they want x x x x


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25 Replies

  • Wow! Truly inspirational, you are a brave and beautiful lady. Fabulous cheekbones and a truly wonderful smile. You can do anything you want to do and inspire others to do the same. I am in awe.

  • You look much happier and confident. Well done for finding strength. I do weighed 23 stone st the start, now 18:7. I am happier but still on a 'journey'. Good luck!

  • Hi Crimson,

    Your post is incredibly inspiring, and you look amazing. It's so great to hear how much happier you are now, and what a difference 5 years has made.

    Zest :-)

  • Crimson, I am sitting here weeping onto my computer keyboard; what an uplifting, heartfelt and wonderful post. Thank you so much for sharing; to come through that terrible time looking so healthy and strong and radiant, you must be the strongest, most courageous person in the whole world! In times to come your daughter will benefit from having such a fantastic role model and she will be so proud of you when she is old enough to understand what you have done for both of your sakes when you could so easily have crumbled and lost it all.

    We are all worth the effort aren't we but it's reading posts like yours that make the rest of us sit up and realise what we have, and what we can accomplish with just a fraction of the grit and determination you have shown.

    You look absolutely beautiful x

  • Wow Crimson that is amazing..do you see how beautiful you look!Girl you just motivated me twice.....bless you

  • Well done Crimson you look amazing , so pleased you are in a happier place now :) you are so right you are worth it :)

  • wow, your story is hard hitting and amazing, thank you for sharing it with us, truly inspiring. life's blessings to you for the future x

  • Wow that is great news. You are a survivor. I wish you & your daughter a lot of luck. Best wishes. G56

  • thanks for posting this - it is so powerful and amazing. ... well done

  • Wow, Crimson, I am so glad you are in a much happier place now. You are a strong woman and can achieve anything you want to. 😊😊😊

  • And looking amazing. Huge well done to you

  • That 3st 9lbs has made a tremendous difference; a beautiful young woman is emerging like a butterfly from her cocoon......Well done with your efforts to date, and we look forward to watching your progress in the weeks to come.

  • I can only agree with the sentiments of all the other lovely people. With your strength and ability to survive such cruel and hateful treatment you will achieve anything you set your mind to. And what a wonderful role model to your daughter you are. Keep up the good work and well done for just being you.

  • You are an amazing young woman. Congratulations on taking control. I wish you success and happiness as you continue on your journey.💐💐💐

  • Beautiful and brave. Really moved by your post.

  • Thanks all x x I just want everyone to know you can do it and you all deserve it x x

  • Beautiful :-)

  • Congratulations! It's seeing stories like yours which inspire me to lose weight myself. Thank you for sharing your story and good luck with achieving the goals you set for yourself.

  • well done, you look wonderful and you have done so well :)

  • I too believe you have to hit rock bottom before you rise. Congratulations, you have done fantastically well. Keep believing in yourself and your little girl.

  • You are just positively glowing, your smile is delightful! It takes a lot of strength to bounce back from rock bottom, and well done you for taking the opportunity with both hands and making it work :) I hope the rest of your journey is as successful x

  • how inspiring is that. I've put 2lb on this week and now feel really ashamed.

  • Don't you dare feel ashamed. I've had weeks where I've gained 8lbs! Forgive yourself and move on. The scale is just on tiny measure of you. It's not who you are x x

  • Wow!!! You look so well now, and as Ceals says inspirational. Good luck for you future:-)

  • Wow, yours is a sad but encouraging story to anyone out there who feels unworthy. Your happy picture and story just show us all how it is indeed possible to pull back from the darkest place.

    Forty years ago I was in my mid 20s, and my partner drank and gambled away our home, leaving me with huge mortgage debts, a repossession order, sleeping on a friends sofa , stuffing my face with biscuits.

    Five years later I had a great job, bought my own flat (was not blacklisted as feared ) and had a new fiance. A further five years later: married, own business, lovely house and two beautiful children.....

    So as you've proved, even when we're very let down by someone and life looks very grim, we are still in charge of our own health and happiness. It is not about money, it's about how we care for ourselves. Getting healthier in body can make us healthier in mind, and gives us the push we need to make life better for ourself and our children.

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