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How my weight loss journey has given me control and sparkle

Mollydex4 stone

It's amazing what weight loss and exercise does for the emotional state . I am just having a coffee before I go to work ( on a late today ) and looking at the amazing people on this site and pondering on my journey during the past year .

As many of you know I weighed 14 stones last feb , and found the forum at 13 stone 8 , I am maintaining nicely now at 8 stone 12 and size 10 pants!! I have become a runner and am planning my first half marathon in Manchester in October . last year I scoffed at the very idea of running , now I love it . Have a drawer full of technical running clothes and have a love of running trainers !

I look after my elderly mum ( she lives with us ) , work in a challenging role in the NHS , and was struggling with life in general , tired all the time, everything an effort , bit fed up , lost a lot of my sparkle before I started . BUT NOW , well I can't believe the new me . I feel in control , I run X 3 times a week , I go to boot camp , my sparkle is back, I am again laid back , see the good things in life , have sorted my house out drawer by drawer, cupboard by cupboard, I feel in control. This is all since I started to control my weight and exercise. It's magic ! Perhaps I should call it the Harry Potter effect of this brilliant forum .

Oh and yes in the middle of this I had a pace maker !!

So I'm sitting here with my size small scrubs on , looking forward to the challenges of another day at the face of the NHS feeling cool and collected .

Thanks guys

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Oh Molly!! What a lovely, inspiring post! It's brought a lump to my throat and a huge smile to my face! :)

You've done so amazingly well and always have a kind word for everyone. You deserve your success and your zen. Long may it last :)

Sparkle on! :) xx


Such an inspiring post, well done Mollydex ! Great to hear your story. I'm now the same weight as you since losing my excess baggage too. Keep up the new healthy lifestyle, all sounds brilliant :)

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant 🎉🎉🎉

That's a great post. I'm amazed that anyone working for the NHS manages to feel cool and collected!


What an amazing post I was reading it thinking yippee for you

I totally agree weight loss has has a wonderful effect on me too I can't exercise at the moment as I'm waiting for a hip replacement but my weight loss has made me look forward to things buying new clothes feeling good and confident about myself Once I start to exercise again I know I'm going to feel even better

Great news about your running and good luck with the half marathon

So pleased for you 💕

YellowRose554st 7lbs

Wow, Mollydex your post is so inspiring losing 4 stone, running and size 10 pants, lol.

You took my breath away when you said you had a pace maker, wow! If that doesn't show anyone can do it then nothing will.

Your story is a great motivator for others to read. Well done for achieving so much and good luck with the half marathon in October.


What a lovely post Molly, you made me smile. Your hard work has really paid off. Well done you, I don't know you but I genuinely feel really happy for you. This forum is great and to read a success story like yours is inspiring to somebody like me who is only 4 weeks into it.

Ceals3 stone

Wow! What a fantastic uplifting post. You have done amazingly well, I so wish I could emulate you, indeed I intend to try. You are inspirational, thank you.

Thanks MollyDex, that is just the sort of inspirational post I love to read. It gives me hope and faith that if I carry on this journey, I too can achieve my dreams. I started on this journey a couple of weeks ago now at 13 stone 9lbs and have just finished WK1/R3 of the C25K plan. Exercise is a great mood booster. Good luck with your training.


Wow a lovely inspiring post thànk you for sharing.


Mollydex what an inspiring post! I had similar feelings on Sunday when I was running on the treadmill and hit my best run for about 5 years. It felt great, but I couldn't put it into words like this.

I work in the NHS in a non-clinical role and I think you guys do a sterling job!

That is such an inspiring post Molly! You've done so well and it obviously hasn't been a walk in the park! Well done :)

Wow, I am grateful to Itsbab for mentioning this post as inspiration for us all.

It is amazing Mollydex the difference losing weight has made to your life, size 10 feels like a dream away but maybe it did to you too. You have done so well, thank you for sharing! People like you on this forum show me that weight loss can be achieved and sustained and that the journey is worth it. 🌼

Great encouragement for my no lose week. Thankyou so much

well done mollydex. this is a lovely post! so amazing to have a fresh outlook on life. x

Hi All I can say is wow what an achievement thank you for sharing it with us all what fun you must have had clearing all your old things out Good luck with the running 🏃


What an absolutely wonderful post Molly. You have shown us how it should be done. You have been such an inspiration to many on your journey, including me and thanks for all your help here on the site XX


Thank you for this post. Much appreciated. Nice to see light at the end of dark tunnels 😊

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