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This time last year

I like to look back at some weight ins I recovered over last year, just see what I need to beat to be my lowest ever and not to go over my heaviest.

On 9 Feb last year I was 208.5lbs.

So a year on I'm 7.5lbs lighter. Nice to see that I've not headed backwards heading in the right direction.

My lightest was 197lbs, which I did reach, but then Christmas came along haha. My heaviest was 218, which I am shocked at myself for, that's over 15.5 stone. Mortifying! (For me. Not in anyway saying it's mortifying for anyone else to be that weight)

Once I get below 197, I vow never to go over that again! Shall be a nice slow decline down to my target!

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Good luck.


I have vowed so many times never to go above a certain number on the scales. It hasn't worked so far! But, big but, I am changing the way I cook and anyone who wishes to be fed needs to eat what I am cooking. It is working well and husbie is finding that straying away from the food he "likes" means he is finding he likes other foods and I guarantee these are all healthy for us both.

I love your idea of checking what weight you have been previously, I will do that from time to time.

Carry on with the excellent work and get to your magic number.


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