A gain

Hey all, I weighed today and I've put on the weight that I've lost in a week. I'm back to 11st6lbs! I've been to the gym a lot more though so maybe muscle gain. I'm also eating a lot better but I did have wine at the weekend. It was like my body was dangling a carrot last week and now this week it's taken it away. It's really got me down. I nearly though f#*k it and have a mcds but I know that won't help me. Currently drinking green tea wondering where I went wrong. Just having a moan sorry x


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5 Replies

  • It happens to everyone unfortunately weight can fluctuate so much and many of us will have felt the same way. BUT don't undo your good start 😃 we have to look at our trends

  • Thank you, I need to be even stricter with my food. And start eating breakfast! X

  • I had a week when I put on the weight I'd lost over the previous 2 weeks but started loosing it (the weight not my mind!!!) again so don't be too disheartened. Did you measure your waist- that may have gone down?

  • don't restrict food to lose weight ! keep eating well & exercises and your body will eventually let go of the weight.... my monthly weight is all over the place where I get a big weight loss 1 week... put on one week... stay the same another.. u get the idea...... but at the end of the month when I look at my weight I've lost. Don't concentrate on just weekly weight.. keep going x !

  • happens to all of us :) also the odd few glasses of wine or mcdonalds isn't the end of the world so don't beat yourself up, just keep at it x

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