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Hi, I am a newbie, was fit and active (and young lol), they were the days!. Now have BMI 33 and trying to get back into my wet suit for diving. Sadly it has shrunk ( too hot a wash I reckon). I live alone and used to make nice meals but have got lazy. I would appreciate any advice on ideas for simple simple, quick meals. I usually have porridge for breakfast and then eggs etc. lunch. Cutting down on booze and just bought a cycle

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Hi bikerdave and welcome to the forum.

Check out the Welcome Newbies post in the pinned posts section (to the right of your screen on a pc, bottom on a mobile) - this contains some great info for starting out and navigating your way around the site. Then work out your BMI using the NHS BMI calculator nhs.uk/Tools/Pages/Healthyw... and have a look at the 12 week healthy eating plan. Don't forget to sign up for the weekly emails.

Take all of your before measurements and maybe a photo.

We run weigh-ins every day; at the moment Sunday is our least busy day and consider joining some of our challenges as they are fun and motivating.

We also give out weight loss badges and you are welcome to have a Newbie one for the first 12 weeks of your journey if you would like one?

Best of luck and I look forward to seeing you around ☘


Hi isou7000, thank you for your welcome. Yes I would like a newbie badge, I am making some important changes as I have some ambitious plans for this year which requires a level of fitness that I want to reach. Look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,


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Hi there!

Haa haa, loved hearing about the wetsuit that shrunk!

If you've got access to a freezer, how's about batch cooking (recipe for 4) and freezing it? It will save you time, money and washing up! I tend to look for inspiration in line.

Something else we make good use of are the chicken breasts with some sort of costing - Tesco go them. Cajun spice, lime garlic and coriander, etc. You have enough for two meals that way! Bulk up with lots of low calorie and healthy vegetables. If you look under the Health Eating topic heading (on the right) you'll see some examples of the food I cook. I am particularly fond of roasting celeriac and butternut squash.

Cutting back on the booze will help a lot as booze usually leads to the munchies!

Keep us up-dated on your progress.

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Hi, thanks for the reply. Yes I can and do make large amounts, chilli con carne, spag bol etc., I guess that's a way to go, it's just getting motivated, this weather doesn't help, got PMS at present ( parked motorbike syndrome lol ) but it is improving. I have not been to any weight watching groups Will have a look at the healthy eating section and let you know of progress!!

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Damm that washer😬 shrinks my clothes too we will have to sue the manufacturer lol!

Lots of info given you already just check your calorie allowance using the BMI calculator and drink plenty of water.

I have found a new liking for sweet potato mash or fries only have them in small amounts but don't bother with normal potato much now lots more fibre in sweet ones.

Bought myself a Hairy Bikers breadmaker and soup maker and love it one batch of soup makes me 5 dishes and I use the zip lock plastic bags to freeze it once cooled of course. Just made Butternut squash, leek and onion with a hint of ginger spice it was lovely so much cheaper, non processed and fills you up. Put in a fridge in a tupperware jug it will also last several days.

There is a Murphy Richards ap you can download for free lots of brill recipes to use.

Good luck hope the forum works for you this has been the only life changing diet I have succeeded with and I think it's the lovely people on here who advise me enxourage. 😊

Nice bike by the way my son has a Yamaha and my daughter a Triumph Daytona too heavy for her though to be honest.

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Hi 'itsbab', thanks for your comments, it is so nice to have something to work to. I will use sweet pots as I used to, I just made butternut squash soup but was a job to peel!!and a bit bland without the extras. Will look at the other suggestions to move forward. Is it difficult/expensive to make bread?. I am slowly losing 1or 2 lbs a week partly/mostly riding my new(to me) cycle for an hour every day, just local at present. Nice to have biker children, tell them stay safe and keep'shiny side up'


Yes you are better chopping it up into quarters then peeling each bit, think of the calories you use just peeling it lol😜

As for bread no it's not expensive and so much nicer than shop bought I often make some then when it's cold slice it up into smaller portions and freeze them as I love wholemeal etc but the rest of the family doesn't.

Morphs Richards app is called Cook and Create gives lots of nice recipes.

Sunny side up is best 👍although my son got knocked off 15mths ago but luckily the lady was coming out of a junction and he was only doing 30 but bike was still written off.

Keep trying to persuade them to pack it in as a mum I would prefer it but you have to let your children live their lives as they wish and they are all old enough to make their own choices.

Stay safe yourself too looks like there's a lot of power and it's the other road users that don't always notice.


Hi itsbab, well I've ordered a MR soup maker so at least i can be sure of an upper body workout when doing b'nut squash lol, someone said to m.wave for 3 mins first but didn't seem to make a difference, just made it hot to handle. Not sure about breadmaker as trying to cut down and difficult to justify for just me. Will get onto the M R app ( he says eating crisps and enjoying the amber nectar)

Bikes can be replaced, people are precious, hopefully your son didn't have any lasting injuries, your daughters' Daytoner is a beast!!.

I have been riding since I was about 14 when I took my brothers bike from the shed at night until he caught me, by then I was hooked. My bike is very special to me and I understand their feelings, and yours.


Bread is my total downfall I would just want to eat it all fresh and hot

l often make soups though and especially when it's so chilly like now. I often just throw in a pot loads of veg adding lentils or pearl barley

I've never been on a motor bike though think I'd be too nervous but never say never 😆 mid life crisis !

good luck in losing your weight

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