How many calories?

Is there anybody out there that is aiming to loose 5 stone? I'm really not sure how many calories to have, I'm sticking to 1400 weekdays, maybe dropping to 1350, and 1600 Fridays and Saturday as they are my 'struggle days. I'm into my 4th week. Does this sound ok. The NHS BMI calculator suggest over 1800 but I couldn't eat that much comfortably. Your thought please.


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  • Hi checked the NHS Choices calculator. I'm allowed between 2899 -3728. As I'm new to this please advise me on this to as we are not to Starve ourselves. Good luck with your day. P. S. I did get new Salter bathroom scales but still to get the food scales. Today I hope to get them.

  • See my reply below, George :)

  • Everybody thinks they can't possibly eat that many calories, I did myself, when I started, but:

    olive oil (1tblsp) - 119 calories

    macadamia nuts - 25g - 170 cals

    1 large avocado 400 cals

    salmon 3ozs - 144 cals

    If you increase your intake of natural fat, you'll increase your calories easily and do yourself a lot of good.

    Have a read of this, to see why eating enough is so important

  • Thanks & I like my fish but never eat enough of. Salmon sounds & taste is yummy. I like trout. But I have not been fishing for a while. I'm hoping one day & get back to the Orkneys for my favourite wild brown trout and sea trout. I'm hungry now for fish!!!!🍽🐟 But nae! 🍟Lol

  • I've made a pact with myself to eat fish every other day, because I wasn't eating enough. Salmon is a favourite, as is smoked mackerel.

    You'll have to go fishing at Tesco's, until you're able to get back to the Orkneys! :D

  • Aye aye captain!! I'm not sure anyone would come on a boat with me just now!!!! I go to Whitehills or Banff. I'm the only one who likes fish in the household!!! Cullen Skunk is my favourite poached haddock and egg. I think I'm going to the fish shop now for a wee fishy in a dishy!!! P. S. Is this part of the plan when you are online your not eating!!!🍔🍟🍳

  • Soon George, but when the weather's a bit less wild! :)

    Ooh, I love Cullen Skink too and poached haddock and egg. We're having baked mackerel tomorrow.

    It is! It works perfectly, doesn't it! :D

  • Well George56 I hope you got to the fish shop, just hope it wasn't the battered kind?? I have never had poached haddock and egg, but love kedgeree. We had some lovely fresh whiting yesterday which I have never had before, I really enjoyed it. We usually have fish once or twice a week but I think I may just have to up that. If you get a chance have a read of the link moreless put in her first post. There is a lot there to take in but it made an interesting read. I hope you managed to get your kitchen scales. Even though I'm fairly good at measuring weights I have found them really useful. Is it snowing where you are? Is cold here but thankfully no snow. Have a good evening.🐠

  • You to & yes I got the Salter scales in black. Two for £15. The snow is by Perth & up the Highlands. The canoeist that is missing has not been found yet. His kayak was found I think up by Wick harbour. I'm going to confess that I had a very small ice up the coast!🍦 Rum & raisins!!!!, The waves were rolling in. Angus was not keen even though he had his woolly jumper on. A good day out even though wet & windy!!🌂☔ P. S. Google Finnie Haddie. I will check out the links. Thank-you.

  • I didn't know there was a canoeist missing, how horrible. We love the Highlands, go every 3 years or so, have never been in the winter in the snow though! A small rum and raisin ice cream isn't going to hurt occasionally. Poor Angus, obviously feels the cold, so does our dog, she has a coat for cold evening walks. It sounds as though it was cold, by the sea. I love big waves and rough seas, not sure I could have been eating ice cream though. I've looked at the Finnie Haddie, sounds great, I'm going to give that a try, thank you.

  • You are welcome Luck. The canoeist is still missing. He left from Portsoy Harbour on Saturday. Search is called off due to rough sea. I'm well pleased. Argos the Salter kitchen scales are on offer two for £15. Guaranteed for 15 years. ☺

  • Thank you moreless, tea break over, will have a read later, but liking the thought of eating more nuts🙂

  • there is a lot of information in this post moreless, I have looked through it before but I don't think I have taken it on board before. I, like many of us, have been dieting for years and always put the weight on and more. The thought of upping my calories really frightens me although I do understand the significance of doing this and have already upped them by 100. I guess i'm worried that I will put on what I have lost. I guess if I'm in this for the long haul, I need to worry less about loosing weight at the moment and just try and find out as much as I can so I understand it all better. I have to admit I have become so confused about what it is ok to eat and what I shouldn't. I will read through all this again later and try to 'digest' even more of it. Thank you for posting it, I appreciate it.

  • I would advocate that everyone takes the time to research all they can about healthy eating, in order to make informed decisions about the correct way forward, for them, as individuals.

    There's a lot of conflicting advice and it can be horribly confusing, but my way of thinking, which I've learned since I've been a member of this community, is that if you do what you've always done, then you'll get what you've always had :)

    Wishing you clarity and success :)

  • that is scarily very true, I have enjoyed the chat with you today, very enlightening💐

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