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So... I'm sticking to my 1400 calories religiously every day and it's weigh day tomorrow! But how many of you include naughty treats in your allowance? Will it hinder my weight loss?

I have some kind of treat every day and now I'm scared I'd of lost nothing! X

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I gave up chocolate and biscuits (even when I counted the calories) a couple of weeks ago in an effort to shift the pounds a bit faster. Not seen a huge difference yet tho. ☹️

Well done you! Eating chocolate has almost made it too easy for me and I feel totally fulfilled everyday so something can't be right 😂 I will follow you and keep up with progress! X

kalahuchi6 stone

As long as the treats are part of your calorie allowance this shouldn't hinder your weight loss one bit plus it will stop you feeling deprived. I try and make my snacks as healthy as possible (dark chocolate almonds and dried fruit are my favourites) and I avoided added sugar totally for several months because if I had something sweet I would crave more and more and more...... I have had a single biscuit each week for three weeks with no cravings but don't intend to push my luck plus it's a good excuse to avoid introducing unhealthy snacks back into my diet.

Whatever works for you is fine and, in fact, 1400 calories doesn't sound a lot to me unless you only have a very small amount of weight to lose; I do hope this is the case. Have you checked out your calorie range on the NHS BMI calculator? I started off on 1300 cals a day (totally unsustainable) and found I could lose weight at a rate of 2lb a week on 1700 cals a day (no point in starving myself unnecessarily). Good luck x

I do only have a really small amount to lose! I'm finally at the weight where I'm a healthy weight according to the NHS so now I'm just following their guidelined 1400 a day to lose half a stone and then I'm done! This is my first week calorie counting as I've always done Slimming World etc so that's brilliant to know you can eat 1700 cals a day - something to keep in mind if I'm having good losses, being able to up my calories would be great 🤗 And well done you! X

kalahuchi6 stone
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Thanks Kirsty and very well done to you too; wow, I don't think I've ever been a healthy BMI but I may get there yet! Good luck with that last half a stone x

2stoneupRestart April 2020

I have little things inside my allowance. Like those 'fibre one' brownie things. Lovely brownie and 89 Cals each I believe. But I don't stick to the 1400 Cals. I've cut way down and about half the time I'm under but I don't worry too much if not. Treats inside your allowance shouldn't matter I wouldn't have thought. Good luck for weigh day!

Thanks so much! X

George56Super Trier

Hi hope you get a good result tomorrow. I was advised to have non food treats. A walk in the fresh air. Or something that you are needing ie. A holiday!!!! Good luck with the chocolate,! G

Great idea! Thank you George, hope all is going well!

JiminyCricketRestart Jan 2020

I have quite a few indulgences every day, but calorie counted and part of my allowance. thats what I like about calorie counting - nothing is banned - its up to you what to spend your calories on. My indulgences are a 2 finger kitkat at lunchtime (106 cals), and an asda smoothie lolly at bedtime (96 cals).

Good luck for tomorrow!

That's great! Thanks so much!


I always built in a chocolate treat every day. I know myself only too well and would never have lasted the course if I had cut out things I enjoyed. That said everyone finds their own path to success.

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That's the same as me!! Oh definitely!

JiminyCricketRestart Jan 2020
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Me too!

mrsdavis862st 7lbs

I'm sticking to anything 1600 cals or less but I still have a Freddo every day. Small enough at only 95 calories but rewarding enough that I don't want to reach for the cakes and more chocolate. Low cal jelly helps too. Hartleys mini pots, the blue labelled ones are only 8 cals per pot. Xxx

Oh yes xxx a handful of mini eggs fell in my mouth yesterday 💕💕💕


Newyork2017 I have avoided buying these as I know the whole bag will just fall into my mouth😀

JiminyCricketRestart Jan 2020
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yes me too. i look at them at the checkout and try to persuade myself they are gross. there is no way i wouldnt eat them all. I cant possibly trust myself to buy them!

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Evil little things😂

Hi Kirsty, I add chocolate in but I'm careful about how much and how often. I found that not eating as much chocolate and switching to dark chocolate made me enjoy it more! If you cut something out completely, you can end up binging on it because it is "forbidden". But if you allow yourself a little, you can cope😉

I agree with the other posters, if you can fit it into your calories then why not? Although I would say be a little mindful because last time I dieted and hit goal I did it by really making too much room in my diet plan for treats and having at least one every day so I felt deprived without them. That was a good few years ago so my approach now is treats are okay but not every day :)

I have an Asda Trifle most days - it's my 'pudding' after dinner and it's 147 calories. I factor this in to my list of food for the day right after the 30g cereal for breakfast. No problems so far. If you allow for it in your calorie count I think it should be ok. xx

me. i do. and if i didn't. i would not be able to do this at all. i think it would not be sustainable for me. diets of denial and deprivation don't work for me. the atkins made me feel like a social outcast. as did the absolutely no sugar in anything even fruit. as did several others. with 'cutting down' i find i can do what i want . if anyone questions which they don't often i jut say 'these days i find i don't need as much food isn't that weird?' and they shut up. its actually true too.

back to your excellent comment, honestly, if i didn't have the odd bag of M&Ms or snickers etc, i could not do this. for sure i would have quit. my lovely sister is a life time 'watching what she eats'-er and she wisely once said to me 'its what you do most of the time that counts.' how right she was.

what did grandma say, a little of what you fancy does you good? and what is that ancient chinese proverb ' moderation in all things, even moderation'


That's brilliant and the best response! I will devour my chocolate today! Thank you so much! Xx

I know I am addicted to dark chocolate, I have two squares each day, need to kick this habit

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