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•Self confidence thing ....•


I've been trying to work in my self confidence. There's to much to say just to much as I not also worry about my weight constantly but also suffer from anxiety and I think depression is also thrown in to the midst.

I've created a new fitness account on Instagram , I'm still weary of it as someone went on to my account and violated the conditions and it got disabled that I just stopped trusting. So after panic attack which wa seviere and trying to get in touch I started a new account, after being given advice from family and friends.

I also know who did it as she is on Instagram and her husband has been harassing me who is a tutor at my uni , that I ended up finding out, so I made a new account.

So I've posted a link of my Instagram account that I've included my activities that I partake in and upload when I can.

some people say MIA but I'm just going to say, that I've been away from Healthunlocked for quite some time and I apologise for that but as it's NY and I have quite a few if NYresolutions under my sleeves, coming back slowly on to health unlocked site and upload when I can.

I'm returning back in tonthat mindwet where everything is just negative and too much has happened that has helped with that and I'm working in that, taking things slow and keeping a journal. Step 1 & step 2 🤞

So far to report is that and I'm back on the •BBG & LG• Programme......


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hey :) we are in the same boat when it comes to anxiety and depression but i have an instagram too if you want to follow each other! it's anonymous because my friends and family don't know but it's 55stepstogo if you want to share :) i clicked on your link but it didn't come up for some reason.


Hello yes I will follow

I changed my user name My Instagram is fitness_01sidratulmuntaha


Hi nsidra and welcome back.

You really seem to have gone through the mill. My partner went through a phase of suffering from panic attacks and I think I know how scary they can be. Hopefully if you settle down here, the nice welcome and support you will get from everyone here will help you start to relax and move towards a more positive view of things.

It sounds like you've got a plan so good luck with that.


Thank you

I hope ur partner is much better now

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Yes thanks.


Welcome back. I think this site is absolutely trustworthy and a good place to work on self confidence. This is the only social media site that I use.

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