Rubbish weekend but not the end of the world

I've had a very strange weekend regarding my relationship with food - after being immaculately accurate with all my weighing and measuring since September I decided SOD IT! on Saturday and weighed nothing and ate rubbish for part of the time, then yesterday again I deliberately weighed nothing as if I was sticking the proverbial finger up at the plan.

Today is my last day in a job I've had for the past 10.5 years and have been trying to find the escape ladder from for at least the last two years because of some serious unpleasantness from my senior reports - in fact should I have felt so inclined I would have had a good case for constructive dismissal - however for my own health and sanity I have decided to take the moral high ground and move on.

I will start a new role in a completely different sector/environment next Monday and I think the psychological upheaval of all this was definitely playing on my mind to distract me from the plan

However today I got up full of the joys of Spring, weighed myself to find I'd done no damage as I'm still the same as Thursday's official weigh in and I'm back on it again

This just serves as a reminder to me that I can occasionally loosen my belt for whatever reason and not suffer too much

Keep going everyone - poop happens in life but we are all better than that and can do the best for ourselves


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7 Replies

  • Hope today goes smoother than you're expecting ... Good luck with your new role 🌻

  • Well done for maintaining Annabelle, and getting back on the wagon today. It may not be any easy week at work knowing your leaving at the end of the week, keep posting for support if you need to. Good luck with your new job😀

  • It's actually my last day today lucigret so I'm in total demob mode but thanks for your support :)

  • Well in that case, just look forward to a few days off before you start the new one😊

  • good luck and shine.

  • Getting back on track as soon as you can is the secret to success so well done! Learning not to panic and give up after a weight loss blip of any kind is so important. Good luck :)

  • What a fantastic post; best of luck with your new job and sticking your fingers up to the world just feels right now and again doesn't it? I'm glad you had the confidence to leave all of those stresses behind and move on to a happier time in your life; it sounds to me as if it was their loss and your gain and I'm delighted by how positive you sound about the whole dreadful experience x

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