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I'm new to this, please be gentle

So starting at the beginning I was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2014 at 23, then I had a stem cell transplant which is where it all went wrong; Being on all sorts of medication including steroids made me gain weight, then loose it, then gain it again; this wasn't helped by the fact I wasn't able to do exercise so in my mid twenties it is really frustrating not to be able to do things I used to and should be able to; however that has to change as my health deteriorates and my stomach especially cannot handle certain foods; I have cut down a lot on my red meat intake, and mostly eat chicken or fish now (mind you a nice steak doesn't go a miss :-)) I've managed to cut out added salt to foods but its the sugar I'm now struggling with - its actually confusing because I'm low in Vit D so eat fortified cereals, but there high in sugar so what do you do about that? Then there is excerise in the first place as I struggle to go to the gym, due to energy levels being low, and my muslces are extremely week, so yes I need to get these up; I get myself so far then something else to do with my health gives me a knock back, and I've had that many knocks I'm not sure how much I can get up again. Any ideas?

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Hi lynn_dee_lou

Welcome to the weight loss forum.

Sorry to hear you have had such a hard time with your health over the last 2 years. We are a friendly forum with lots of supportive members to help you with your weight loss journey.

Take a look at the Welcome Newbies post in the Pinned post section at the right hand side or if your on a mobile at the bottom. Have a look at the nhs 12 plan, many members including myself have had success with this plan. Use the BMI checker to make sure you are have the correct daily allowance.

Below the Pinned posts are the Topics where members share a range of weight related subjects which might help you.

Take your measurements and a photo at the start of your journey as this can be motivating when the scales don't move.

We have weigh-ins every day. Come and join us today, you can find them posted on the Home page in the Events section. Just click on the post and state your starting weight and what you are aiming to lose this week.

To get the best out of the forum be active, share experiences and ideas. Read some of the posts in the Topic section, they are good for inspiration and can keep us motivated.

Good luck with your first week.



hi lynn_dee_lou :)

I'm so sorry to hear about your leukemia, that must have been a very scary and difficult time for you. I'm not an expert on medical stuff or losing weight (otherwise I wouldn't be here haha) but my dad had cancer too and he recently lost 2 stone and sort of gave me a not so subtle nudge to get on with losing some too, so I'm following his 'guidelines'. He has also had his fair share of knock backs health-wise and can't do much at times but this is how he told me he got on with it: having porridge or bran flakes for breakfast with some fruit and milk, buying a slow cooker for stews and casseroles and freezing leftovers and eating loads of root vegetables with white meats and having a water bottle on him at all times.

Also if you have weak muscles maybe you could start off with just doing walks to develop stamina and an 'easy' habit before throwing yourself in the deep end? That's what I am doing and then sometimes if I'm out I just decide I might as well go to the gym. Also kellogs cornflakes are really good for fortified vitamins and are quite low in sugar in comparison to other cereals (8g per 100g).

I know not every experience is the same and I hope this doesn't come across as patronising or anything but I hope at least some of this helps. I feel like weight loss is at least 30% mental.



Hi Hudson,

Thank you, yeah it's not exactly been a great a couple of years, but in fairness I've had a fair share of ups as well as downs. Good on your dad; You're right not every experience is the same however it helps to have that basic "guideline" so don't worry, no it doesn't come across patronising :-)

I liked to think I was good at the main meals things, I've always been a meat & 2 veg person but getting more experimental - so rather than buying jar sauces I'll make my own - or I'll stir fry veg with chicken or veg stock over noodles.

I got a Wii for using the Wii fit and the dance games, which worked at first, but as always lost interest. I totally agree a lot of it is mental, and for me, it's the starting; once I'm there doing something and get "into the zone" it's fine but its that initial starting point, especially when I've felt pretty energy less the thought of getting myself out can be pretty hard sometimes. I used to love walking and would walk for hours in my own wee world but with weak leg muscles I've fallen that much it has made me lose confidence in myself.

I guess once you start you lose all sense of what you're actually doing and just continue doing it as if on auto pilot



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