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Diet, There is no Try!!

Diet, There is no Try!!

Hello again all,

Just a quick one really. I use this quote all the time for my Personal Training clients. What this means if you are going to TRY to do a diet you are doomed to fail. You MUST commit to doing a diet. You must make a plan, with small goals and long term goals. You must make time to do some exercise. and you must plan your meals in advance so you are not hungry and then not tempted to go off Piste with your eating. Every Sunday night I batch cook my meals for the first three days of the week. Then I box these meals up so I have my lunches and pre workout meals all ready to go. I then put a meal in the slow cooker in the morning so I have dinner ready when I come home from work or I chop up ingredients to make a stir fry when I get in from work. This way I know I won't come home totally knackered and end up eating rubbish. Then Thursday morning I do another lot of batch cooking for the rest of the week.

I hear so many people say, Oh I have no time for exercise!! because of work, kids, housework!! If you were sick and had to go to the doctors, you would find time? Do you get a coffee from Starbucks? The time it takes you to get and drink that coffee I could give you a workout that would burn 250 calories. and by the way what the hell are you doing in the coffee shop, have you seen how many calories are in those things?? lol

So lets sit down get out a bit of paper and PLAN next week. How can I find 15-30 minutes a day to exercise. If I join a gym, what will I do? do I need a PT to get me on the right track? Exactly what am I going to eat? what preparation can I do in advance. Exactly where do I see myself this time next year. Can you see yourself slimmer, more confident, more toned, in a swim suit (budgie smugglers for you blokes!!!) Remember “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

Lets make 2017 Your Year! and Lets SMASH IT!!

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Thank you, you are right!


I agree... I've made a 7lb monthly goal with a long term goal of 6 stone by the end of 2017.

I'm a mum of 3... work full time .. have a 40min commute to work per day..... husband works shifts and i have to take kids to clubs etc... I dont make any excuses.......

I joined a gym 3 months ago and got myself a fitbit at xmas and its the best thing i ever did.

I swim 3 times a week... zumba class... aerobics ... walk at lunchtime .... & dance with the kids on an evening... I park my car further away so I get more steps in and take every opportunity to do any movement when I can..

I average 10k steps and 60 active minutes per day now and feel fitter than ever now.

I started at 120kg and have lost 8kgs in 3mths now and I look at the bigger picture instead of what it says on the scales anymore !

There are some days when i think I really can't be arsed but push myself as I know it is making a difference.

Thanks for all your good tips about food planning .. much appreciated x


Hi PTKeith thanks for your support and help. I agree with you and I get the planning meals. I have been given the same advice from Weigh Forward Group at the health Village & Forresterhill NHS Aberdeen. I'm going to not try anymore but Do. Good advice from you. Cheers! G56


The real problem is I hate exercise. I go to Pilates and have a treadmill and reluctantly use it. I just wish I enjoyed it it's a chore : (


Love your positive attitude - I need to read more posts like this!


You are sooooo right! I spent weeks visiting this site before deciding positively to go for it and get rid of this stone of lard (or sugar...) that I am carrying around. I am retired so have loads of time to organise everything and have joined a challenge and counted calories and am really motivated by a weight loss in a week.

Keep on telling it like it is and we will SMASH IT this time! xx

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A good and helpful post thank you. I don't exactly plan ahead but have a big freezer and batch cook most of the time so there's always something available. I calorie count the total dish ingredients pre cooking, then portion it out with calorie count written on packet before freezing. I also keep quite a few vegetables in fridge or freezer. Apart from root vegetables I just guess the calories for leafy green stuff and add a handful of calories to the day.


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