Week Five of 52

Hi All, Another week gone by and this week I have stayed the same at 16st 4lb. I have definitely had a bad diet week, I managed to pull the reigns in towards the end of the week that is why I am looking at 'stay the same' instead of a lb heavier. My Attitude towards the diet isn't good, I still want to lose weight but I am doing things that are not exactly diet approved - like making and eating some none diet proof apple crumble - I tried to serve a small portion but it wasn't as small as the portion controlled change4life crumble recipe - and it wasn't even the change4life crumble recipe that I used - Bad girl I am. At least it wasn't an enormous portion and I still managed to stay the same after eating it.

I can definitely behave during the week when I set my mind to it. I need to have a clear picture in my head as to what I want to achieve, otherwise I will get to a point and stop losing weight. lets see how the week goes I am going to set myself a goal of 3lbs weight loss that would mean having a better behaved weekend probably less crumble eating and more walks! Good luck to all. Jp.


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8 Replies

  • Hi JP, seems to me that you did pretty well. You managed to stay the same weight despite occasionally going off the rail. Other people would call that maintaining.

    Like you're saying, you just need to refocus and you'll be able to take it to the next step.

    Keep going you can do it!

  • Thanks I will give it a go.

  • Hi. You know what to do if you want to lose, now all you need is a bit more willpower. Do you need to buy some clothes to slim into? Do you have a photo of when you were thinner? You could put this on the fridge. Try not to even make desserts then you can't eat them.

  • Definitely a good idea on all accounts, I do have a small pair of 18s to slim down to. Thanks.

  • What's happened to the rest of the apple crumble? Hope it's not sitting there to tempt you still. Perhaps freeze/give away... But at least now you've exorcised the apple crumble demon, got rid of that craving, now it's back on the wagon! Also an important lesson learned - treats are okay, but they need to be really well planned. Tried and tested healthy recipes, controlled portions, only make the amount you're going to have (or quickly freeze spare portions), then nothing is left to chance. Congrats on maintaining, you haven't undone any previous hard work, in fact you've managed really well with what sounds like a difficult week. Good luck for all your goals for the week ahead :)

  • Thanks for the lovely message, I agree. I will portion control a portion for tonight with mum, then we will freeze the rest for next weekend. We are having roast turkey for lunch today, and there won't be anything for the evening so I should be okay. All the best. Jp.

  • :-)

    STS is ok - also good to think about why you want to lose weight as a motivator:-)

    Good luck for those 3 pounds off next week:-)

  • Thanks.

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