Splitting headache

Yesterday I had way, way too much sugar and then today I have avoided having anything sugary and I feel absolutely awful, as in head-splittingly awful :( I've had loads of water, a nice easy walk, vegetables and the right food so all I can think is that it's probably the lack of sugar.

Does anyone have any tips when it comes to sugar headaches? This is horrible and paracetamol isn't helping :(


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8 Replies

  • It's a horrible headache I remember I feel for you. There's two choices really, have some sugar to get rid of the headache now then gradually wean yourself down to the level you want over a few days / weeks, or keep going now cold turkey, ride it out and then when it's passed your cravings should be gone. Your doing the right thing with the water either way. Good luck

  • thanks Fran, appreciate it. I think I'm going to have a bit of cereal for now and try wean myself off rather than going cold turkey, apparently side effects can last up to 2 months if you just cut it off..

  • I did the cold turkey and it took 3 weeks in all for side effects and cravings to go, I know others have done it more gradually. Either way it's worth it in the end as it does feel great when the sugary junk no longer appeals and you don't have to constantly fight with yourself not to eat it because you just don't want it any more! Hope you're feeling better today 😀

  • Three weeks! Wow well done for persevering!! I'm definitely feeling better today thank goodness although was still feeling peaky until around lunch time... going to do a bit of research before I attempt anything that drastic again! Haha

  • Dr. Robert Lustig points out that there are many similarities between the metabolism of fructose and alcohol. It sounds like you had a fructose hangover. Having more sugar is like having the hair of the dog. It's not behaviour to keep repeating, or you may be leaving yourself open to fatty liver and systemic vascular problems.

    You did the best you could with the water. I'm not sure what your interpretation of the right food might be; the body needs twice as much energy from natural fat (about 40:60 saturated to mono-unsaturated) compared to low Gi carbohydrates.

  • That would figure, it did literally feel like a hangover today. I think I need to look into this more but if I'm understanding you right then things like avocado and nuts and fatty fish are the way to go? Thank you for the help, I wasn't aware of fructose hangovers :)

  • I would have suggested keep going too... if your going to cut out sugar then cut it out altogether..... it will be hard but you know why you are getting the headaches... so take a paracetamol.. have some early nights and before long you will be sugar free.. ... it will be worth it..

  • thanks Claz, i would probably have kept going but even pain killers weren't working, plus I have a really busy few weeks ahead and i need to be at my best...

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