I was too scared to get on the scales

Hi all :) So in my first post I said i was 21 stone but that's definitely not true. Basically what I did was....guessed. I couldn't get on the scale I just couldn't face it so now after I month of doing really well I am 22 stone. I think i must have been at least 23 at Christmas. It's a bit disheartening because it's like I haven't lost any weight at all being heavier than when I started. I know that isnt true but ill be glad to get under Stone when I feel like my loss really begins I think 23stone is too much for me to think about so ill just start tracking my weight when I get down to 21!

Bizarre the things you do isn't it!!


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18 Replies

  • We all cope with things in different ways ClubW If you honestly can't face the scales, or don't want to track or declare your weight until you have been here a little longer, so be it. It's great that you've admitted that here as well.

    Take pride from 'knowing' that you have lost weight really, and keep chatting to us here. :)

    I just wondered how you would feel about taking out a tape measure? You don't have to tell us what measurements you take, but you might find it easier to checking inches, rather than standing on the scales. You could take lots of different measurements, or just a few. I have measured my bust/waist/hips/upper thigh/upper arm, and check every few weeks to see if I am losing that way too. As an extra, though, I have noticed from my watch strap that I have lost weight from my wrist.

    See you soon.

  • Don't be discouraged. We've all had to face up to our true weight at some point but that's s positive and we all know what it's like. Don't think about your end goal, just set mini goals and celebrate reaching every one. Make your first a half stone, even 5 lb if that would look more achievable and every pound off will soon mount up. Good luck🤗

  • I feel it may hamper your efforts if you don't face the scales and draw a line. Most people self sabotage if they are upset with putting weight back on. Think of it this way. If you are 23st (I was 23st 7lbs at my heaviest) and you lose 2 stone here, checking in and keeping us posted on how you are doing, you will have got a 2 stone badge and all the support and well done's and encouragement that goes with it. If not you may keep putting yourself down about gaining that extra weight and that falls into the realms of "sod it" mind set. Don't get on your own case over gaining weight. All of us here are guilty of that otherwise we wouldn't be here. Forgive yourself and learn to love your body, even if you want to change it it's still amazing and beautiful and the only one you'll have. You can do this if you put your mind in the right place. I'd also second MissisB and say if the scales are really off limits then break out the tape measure. You've got this! You deserve it!

  • Yes I think now that I've done it and I know the true picture I can handle it now especially since I've started. Thank you for your advice xx

  • You're doing really well...I know this can be a frustrating journey but you can do this - you've got it! :) You're mega super for doing what you're doing - keep up the very good work! ;) :D We all know you can do this. Don't try to think to far in to the future, focus on smaller goals and keep that up - before long you'll be so much slimmer, healthier and fitter! YOU CAN DO THIS!!! ;) :)

    Carry on and please try to think positively, it really does help! :)

    Sazkia ♥

  • Thank you Sazkia 👍🏻😊

  • Fabulous replies there from the lovely people here on the weight-loss forum ☺

    I totally agree ☺ You will get there ClubW , one step at a time ☺ Mine has been a long journey, but I'm enjoying the process ☺

    Best wishes

    Anna ☺,

  • Hi Clubw, I'm week 4 of 12 week plan, now 216lbs, lost 10 lbs, want to be 15 stone April 10th,trying to keep motivated, nit sure what dress size that will be.no blaming, be kind and good luck from me, thanks for sharing :)

  • Well done for getting on the scales! I was 23 stone last year in the summer. I was 22 stone in October. I am now 18 stone 9. You can do this! It seems daunting but bigger starting numbers makes for bigger drops!

  • Hi I'm George & new to the group forum. I'm going to be honest with myself and record the new results. I'm also recording the meals/menus etc. Good luck with your next weigh in. G

  • These are just numbers, just numbers. You own them now and not the other way round. We will help you and support you to make those numbers smaller. Xx. Definitely love MissisB idea of using a tape measure. Perhaps you have an item of clothing which is too tight. This is another way of seeing your size reducing. Well done on everything you have achieved so far. Xx

  • Well done for getting on the scales. Better late than never. It's not a great experience for any of us but you made it and now you can see the difference this is making whenever you can bring yourself to get back on the scales. Don't feel pressured. You don't have to. You don't have to share either. Just well done.

  • I weigh just under 18st and ive lost a stone already... In the real world there is no way I would be revealing my weight to everyone like this but here in this forum nobody judges you and nobody cares how much you weigh when you join us as we all come in different sizes and all we do is support anyone who wants to lose weight.

    We are here to cheer you along your journey and support you anyway we can... it's your choice how you want to cope with your weight on the scales and how you want to communicate that with us but for me coming on here and being open about my weight has been a great and to just say it out loud and not be embarressed to say it is liberating!

    Good luck with your journey x

  • I feel the same as Claz it is easy on here to speak freely. I have only just recently shared my weight with my husband. Apart from that it had only been the odd Doctor. People at work wiuld probably be bored to death with hearing me talk about diets but on here someone is always interested.

  • It's weird how embarressing the number is isnt it! I remember being so nervous to tell my husband but I didn't want to keep it from him either. I wonder how I thought my weight was a secret, it was there for him to see his response wasn't likely to be "what!?? I thought you were thin!" But the number really does have a hold but you are so right being open about it here is very liberating.

    Good luck with your journey too xx

  • I didn't tell my husband until last year but now I can share my journey with him and the number on the scale doesn't embarrass me anymore when I talk to him about it. He loves me whatever weight I am anyway so it didn't really make any difference to him how much I weighed and it was me that had the problem..

    You just got to think you've announced it on here now and the only way now is downwards.. so own that number and watch it go down across the weeks/months .. i'm aiming for 7lbs a month with a hope that by the end of 2017 I will be at my goal weight.... so stick with us here and we can all do it together x

  • Glad you faced up to getting on those scales don't be disheartened you've done great and you will continue to do so Good luck x

  • Well done on making a really great start, but of course you have lost at least a stone since Christmas! Don't deny it; embrace that 23 stone starting point and that means you have lost at least a stone by now. We write our own statistics for weight loss on this forum so make it official and be proud of yourself. I lost 1 stone before I even knew about this forum so had to do exactly the same thing and started off with a 1 stone loss and I added to that after my first week here; no way was I going to forget about that first stone. When you reach 21 stone (which won't be long now) that means you will have lost 2 stone. Now you have taken the plunge, if you can bear it, weigh yourself every week or every fortnight because it will only confirm how brilliantly you are doing. Be positive and keep going and those scales will become your best friends x

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