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Week 3 Friday weigh in

For the past few weeks I have weighed myself on a Monday, however, I feel it will be better if I weigh myself each Friday. This is my week 3.

When I started I was 16st7lb

after 1 week I had dropped down to 16st3lb

At the start of this week I weighed 16st2lb, which I was disappointed with only losing lb especially when I put in more time to exercising that week, but after a few helpful comments I decided to look at it as a positive as I have lost weight each week.

Today (still week 3, but Friday) I weigh 15st13lb

I am really happy about this as I wanted to get under 16stone inside 4 weeks. My target goal is around 14 stone and Id like to get that by late Summer.

Im not sure what my ideal weight should be as ive checked a number of sites and they vary a little bit but around 14stone appears to be the average.

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Really well done TheWolverine. You must be really chuffed that despite feeling dispirited at one point that you kicked on and reaped the rewards.


Deffo. to keep myself motivated when I get under a stone at a time I will treat myself, so I ve just order a blu ray :)

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Well done 🎉🎉


Thank you :)

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