Are headaches common when embarking on a diet?


I am part way through week 2 of my weight loss journey and woke this morning with an awful migraine. I am not on any specific diet but am counting calories via MFP. I have consciously tried to reduce my carb intake but have not totally eliminated them. Just wondering if restricting my calories could have caused the migraine. I do get migraines but very infrequently, maybe once every 6-9 months. Has anyone else suffered headaches as a side effect of weight loss?




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5 Replies

  • Hi, I got really bad headaches during the night for about 3 days roughly 2 weeks into my low carb diet. They went away after that and I am losing weight well so I would advise you to stick to it! Good luck

  • I always get a headache at the start, I put it down to sugar withdrawal!

  • Some interesting stuff here...

    I'm surprised we haven't all got migraines :)

  • Try to radically increase your dietary fibre. Fruit with every meal and in between for snacks and drink plenty of water. This helps the transit of food through the gut and eliminates the waste products that are toxic to the body faster.

  • When you cut down on eating, you are also cutting down on fluids because most foods contain fluids. So water, water and more water will help eliminate the headaches.

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