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Hi everyone, l am brand new to any forum, so please excuse any mistakes. Not, unfortunately new to dieting!😉

Im 57 in May have been stereo typical of yoyo dieting for more years than not, have been healthy eating since September and have come down from 15.12 to present 13.9. My goal was 13.7 but perhaps a bit less as l really struggle with maintenance. Love the site and have commented on a few lovely inspiring posts already.

Hope to get support to stay slimmer.


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  • Hi Cuddlygran and welcome to the forum.

    Check out the Welcome Newbies post in the pinned posts section (to the right of your screen on a pc, bottom on a mobile) - this contains some great info for starting out and navigating your way around the site. Then work out your BMI using the NHS BMI calculator and have a look at the 12 week healthy eating plan. Don't forget to sign up for the weekly emails.

    Take all of your before measurements and maybe a photo.

    We run weigh-ins every day; at the moment Sunday is our least busy day and consider joining some of our challenges as they are fun and motivating.

    We also give out weight loss badges and you are welcome to have a Newbie one for the first 12 weeks of your journey if you would like one?

    Best of luck and I look forward to seeing you around ☘

  • Would love a badge please. I'm hoping this will inspire me to go a bit lower. If only my tummy surplus bit could go to my chest l would be more enthusiastic. Lol.

  • cuddlygran do you remember the name of the post with the caravan picture ylu commented on? i am now in week 5, my first weigh was no change on december, but i am trying to keep up the 150mins a week excercise

  • Well done with your exercise. Why not write down everything you eat and the calorie count then see where you can make changes to help with weight loss.

  • i am doing it on calorie counter program which is being closed down so i will go for icalorie count after then, one reason why its harder eating what you are given by your mother

  • you cant count it

  • Totally agree with you there. Dad was 6ft and weghed 17.7st and mum was 5ft 2 and 14.7. Bless them both.

  • i did that yesterday and by planning in excecise had 500 cals less than the day before when i was given sarnies by a well meaning freind

  • I believe this is the thread you're referring to :)

  • Hi Cuddlygran

    There you go nice shinny Newbie badge. Have a good first week.


  • Thank you my darling. Much appreciated. My halo is matching the sparkle.

  • hi isou7000 in which locations do you run weigh ins?

    its my biggest fear weigh ins

  • Hi David, we run online, virtual weigh-in's. You weigh yourself at home/chemist/clinic/gym and log your weight weekly on one of our daily weigh-in's.

    Go to Events for today's link. It's on the right of the home page, or scroll right to the bottom of the home page, if using a mobile.


  • Just follow the directions I gave you above, the link will always be found in Events :)

  • so this is where i l;og my weigh in is it? lbs/ kgs get me so confused when doing the BMI THING and anyway my bmi has always said i am obese and got me down

  • two bad days a roast dinner on Sunday with pudding and then a fried platter with some chips Monday night so even more affraid of a weigh in

  • Think long term. Forget those two naughty days and move on. Regrets can sabotage a healthy future being a bit trimmer. Best of luck.

  • desperate for a biscuit and fatty food but only snacking on tomatoes and apples need to keep up the rythym

  • Your body will thank you for it. And lm sure l can see that halo shining from here. 😇💪👌

  • thankyou for the encouragement, the calorie counter i use encourages you to earn cals by excercise, and if i keep up my system heres hoping i will be down to the lowest weight i was in in 2014. on the 5:2........dr moseleys diet

  • Best of luck, all very sensible and sound thinking. You can do it.

  • havent been on here for a while the site is so slow and hard to navigate! yesterday i was running on caffiene(instead of auto!) but still 943 cal all day and made sure i was walking

    i usually avoid caffeine and alchohol they do my head in, unleass i am REALLY TIRED.

  • I use the Myfitness Pal app and I know that it would have told you that 943 Calories is no where near enough calories.

    Alcohol is certainly not good for you especially if you are tired and too much caffeine is bad

    If you are tired it is more likely to be lack of proper nutrition, unless of course you have been awake for excessive hours

    Though people think cutting calories to virtually nothing is going to improve weight loss it does in effect have the opposite effect. Eat sufficient amounts, exercise regularly and the weight will come off xx

  • Totally agree with your response. It's all about the long game. Sustainability. And living your life not making your diet the centre of your universe. Healthy lifestyle may be a buzz worder but it really is a recipe for success.

  • long term i can only live by rules, so need to stick to rules as a result of this 12 week thing i am making a rule of 20-30 mins excercise daily not so easy to calorie count daily, it has to be your mental approach as a substitute for counting

  • Thk annde, i have been using calorie counter and it tells me for my weight loss i am allowed 1500 cals but its nigh on impossible to weigh/count all portions so I reckon i undercount by atleast 200 a day(e.g how many grams of oats is a tablespoon ful?) fruit and veg is easy to count but quatinties/weights impossible even the micro scales say 1 tbps of oats is only 22 grams!

  • Be lazy. Use the packets of quaker oats, the measure of milk is on the packet itself and cals you are eating. Keep everything simple.

  • how do you divide 1 kg of oats into tablespoons?

    never drink milk; had some yog this am and also a headache

  • yesterday i had chicken and chips; today i was going to have iceland ready meal; but plucked up dutch courage from a small glass of red wine; so f or lunch i had a cupasoup and mushrooms instead- even though it was sunday, tonight i will something a bit more substantial

  • bringing it up to under 1000 cals

  • On MyFitness Pal you can enter the food and quantity and it calculates the calories for you. You have to be prepared to spend time entering the information and in weighing and measuring your food but it is worth it. You can also enter recipes and the app will calculate calories per portion.

    Just have a look at the app and see if you think it would be a help for you

    You can also log all exercise, even every day tasks have an impact on your calories

  • Cuddlygran, love the name:) I have only been here 3 weeks and had never belonged to any forum before. This one is very friendly as you will have noticed. You have done so well already loosing over 2 stone, well done. Good luck with your continued journey downwards.😊

  • I have heard that the Saturday group rocks! Good luck from me, G😀

  • Thanks very much. When l find out how to do it l may well try to join.

  • Hi Cuddlygran Well done for joining the forum, its my first one too! I have found it really encouraging since I joined last week. Lots of helpful tips and recipes - but the best is the support. Well done on your loss so far... I guess like me its time to stop the yo-yo and get sorted for the rest of life!! Wishing you great success. Cheering you on.

  • Thanks very much. Same to you to. We are all winning because we are triers and not giveruppers.

  • hi Cuddlygran and welcome ... We are a friendly bunch on here and always someone here to support and give advise when u need it... good luck x

  • Hi!

    Welcome to the forum and good luck! :)


  • Thank you. And thanks for being so inspirational. I don't buy slimming magazines because thr stories are all the same. Wasn't l such a pig eating huge quantities and look at me now, how beautiful and angelic am l. Don't get me wrong l think their achievements are amazing but real life isn't like that is it. Your blog (hope thats correct term😕) shows the highs and lows of ordinary life. Not just the black and white, all the shades of grey that we live through. Thank you for being human.

  • so true life is never perfect

    but ....

    we do the best we can to get a bit healthier and fitter a little bit at a time ☺

  • Best attitude for eventual success. Thanks for your support and be assured of mine in your journey to.

  • There's loads of support here. Well done for getting this far x x x

  • how did you get beyond the 12 week nhs choices plan? what kept you going?

  • I think you have to think of it as a plan for life, not just a 'diet' for a set period of time. Obviously nobody will be perfect all the time but you have to get your head round being sensible and eat healthily most of the time because eating anything you just fancy has resulted in weight gain that is not good for your body to cope with. We all know what we need to do, the trick is to make it a habit.

  • I've set my own mini goals usually the next half a stone and then look to bigger ones like my op that's coming up, my friends wedding that sort of stuff. Also mainly because weight loss has never been achievable for me before. I spent a year just getting my head right and now I believe I can get to any goal I want. You can too!! Find your positive mental attitude and change your life not just your diet x x

  • Totally agree with you, the time has to be right for your brain to kick in which basically is what you need when winning the war. You've done an amazing job and will continue to do so. And remember we are all here to support you every step of the way.

  • THKS I need a few who believe in me, freinds and relatives are quick to judge and slow to compliment

  • That's the same for most of us here. That's why this place is great for support x x x


  • Down to 13.5 now, that's a stone since Xmas where l put on 5lbs in a week! Total lost 2 1/2 stones, so quite chuffed with that.

  • why havent you got a badge? was your starting weigh here 13? surely you should get something?

  • I haven't officially weighed in on the site so probably don't qualify. I originally came on to help to maintain my loss as l really struggle with that but have decided to try to get a bit more off now. So new goal is another half stone, slow but sure.

  • my tartget is 12 or with BMI it says 11 6

    always disolusioned by BMI which says i am OBESE

  • oh well here i am again, over did it/did it over again last weekend but lots of excercise on monday apparrently more excercise can improve your medical and mental health as well as helping weight loss by increasing BMR, I SHALL WEIGH IN NEXT TUES THEN LOG IN WEDS TO MY WEDS WEIGH IN..... after that i will have to stay on track by sticking to carbs only once a day with my mum and dairy free

  • i read if you are not dairy free it can really throw out your allergies/food intollerances and seems to give you a running nose.... sinusitis and on sunday night a sinus headache....

  • Im not really knowledgeable about allegies etc lm afraid, lv never had any experience of them. On reading the posts on the site l think you have to go with what suits you as an individual and get the balance right to sustain a healthy lifestyle and weight loss. What works for one person doesn't necessarily work for you.

  • thank you i jut know i itch when i eat gluten/grains/wheat and get sinusitis/sinus headaches when i am on dairy the cupasoup which was cheap even had dairy in or so i pay the price for that the rest of the day

  • good day yesterday just over 1000 cals and 20 mins cycling, i really am going to plan in a REASON for cycling from now on instead of headaches turning me lazy and wanting to use the car....

  • if i have the courage i will weigh in on tuesday and log it on weds when i am in

    thats about two weeks. was watching super slimmers... apparently speed dieters dont allow time for their body shape to adjust, and reducing calories dramatically/increasing metabolic rate quickly, can create a rebound effect at a certain stage where the body demads less calories and lays down fat again.... the hormone leptin means that if you stop dieting your appetite goes up so much through overcompensation you put on the weight you lost.

  • Welcome to you Cuddlygran, I'm sure you will get lots of help and inspiration to get rid of those last few pounds x

  • Thank you. I weighed today and am another pound nearer my personal goal. Unfortunately next week will be a nightmare. No kitchen due to wall removal and re-wire of whole house. Think with mess and eating out l may give scales a rest for a week. But that's life. Exercise with cleaning and decorating will help afterwards so will keep the faith. Marathon not sprint.

  • i weighed yesterday; and even after a fish and chip supper on saturday lost 3lbs....been going out alot....i thought it was 1 but then looked again; and my weight is now 13 11- its getting below the glorious/or unlucky 13 thats my first objective-at least 20 mins excercise daily and carbs either lunch or dinner when i am at home.

  • Well done. Your doing fine. Good luck with being better with both diet and exercise. Keep it up and you will reach your target.

  • not been here for a while, sorry still trying to find some scales i can trust! and hoping my new portion control and excercise plan will compensate for difficulty in good calorie counting .....the calorie count program i use which has my weight history and activities is being closed down on 14th march. i tried one which is slower than this(icalorie count) but couldnt import activity data i mght go for popular myfitness pal or dietorganiser.

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